Monday, August 29, 2011

Jenny & The Baroness (Part One)

Guest Poster: Jennifer Baxter

"I must say." Data informs me in our quarters, "That you have become rather obsessive about catching the female criminal known as The Baroness."

"No one is going to get away from me, Data." I reply, "I had almost caught her on that planet. No leather-clad crook is going to get away from me."

"I have noticed you looking through the computer files and copies of The Galactic Gazette for any clues as to her whereabouts." he informs me.

"So what if I have?" I retort, "I'm not going to let here beat me! What's this?"

I suddenly see a headline: 'Daring jewelry robbery on Minos III. Priceless diamonds and emeralds stolen. No clues as to thief, but witnesses saw a figure in black leather jumping from the rooftops.'

"That's The Baroness!" I yell out, "I'm coming to nab you, honey!"

When I explain the situation to Captain Picard, his reaction is predictable.

"There are no positive sightings of The Baroness, Lieutenant." he says, "So we cannot divert the Enterprise to Minos III on a suspicion."

"Well send me out in a shuttle." I say in frustration, "She's one of the most wanted criminals there is."

The Captain sighs and agrees. At this moment, Britney and T'Pol burst in, who had obviously been listening at the door, as they fell on the floor, and were both holding glass cups.

"Can we come too?" they both say, "You'll need us to catch The Baroness."

"No!" I reply, "You'll cramp my style. I work better alone"

"I think it might be better if Britney and T'Pol go with you, Lieutenant." the Captain decides, "It's just too dangerous for you to go on your own."

"Yay!" Britney shouts, and I roll my eyes.


Half an hour later, I am in my leather outfit, piloting the shuttle, bound for Minos III. Behind me are an assortment of weapons, including my multiphase disruptor. Britney and T'Pol are playing strip poker.

They are supposed to protect me?

To be continued after the TWQ...


Professor Xavier said...

Strip poker? This might just be the greatest cat fight ever coming up.

The Curmudgeon said...

They're anxious to help. They'll give you the shirts off their backs.

Fly Girl said...

That leather outfit sounds dangerous!