Wednesday, August 03, 2011

Bev & Jean-Luc On Vacation (Part Two)

Guest Poster: Beverly Crusher

Having been thrown out of the Hotel Paradiso on Risa because of a double booking that ended up with Jadzia and Worf getting our room, Jean-Luc and I are combing all the hotels trying to find somewhere to stay.

At this time, there is a peak season on Risa and every hotel is jam-packed. We started off by enquiring at all the five star places. Then the four. Right now, we are coming to the end of the one stars, and will soon be on to the no-stars then they 'stay at your own risk ones'.

"Let's go back to the Enterprise, Bev." suggests Jean-Luc, "We can go in the holodeck and stay in a copy of the Penthouse suite and see the same things."

"No!" I snap back, "I want a real vacation, "Not something out of a computer circuit."

So we continued walking on. As we started to exhaust them all all, many said, "The only likely place is Miss Wilkes', but I'm not sure you'd want to stay there."

This began to be a frequent phrase, so we asked a hotel owner for directions. He seemed amazed that we wanted to go there.

"You REALLY want to go to the Muncie Hotel?" he said, "Better you than me." He gave us the appropriate directions and we headed off. Right now, Jean-Luc and I were ready to stay anywhere.

Eventually we arrived.

"It looks rather sinister."mused Jean-Luc, "I think even the cockroaches and the rats have checked out."

"So it's not what we hoped for." I mutter, "Lets see if we can stay there."

When we approach the door I hear screams, and banging with a "Noo..! .....No....!"

We ring the bell and the noises stop. Eventually the door opens.

"Miss Annie Wilkes?" I ask tentatively.

"Yeah?" she answers, as she puts down a large hammer, "Whaadaya want?"

" friend and I wondered if you had a room we could stay in."

Annie thinks. "If you come back in fifteen minutes, there is likely to be a room available once I persuade the current occupant to part with his money."

She slams the door. Jean-Luc and I look at each other and run away as fast as possible.


A few hours later, we are sitting on the beach, with still nowhere to stay.

"All right, I give up." I say, "Lets go back."

As I say this, my COM goes off. It is Jadzia.

"Beverly, Captain Picard?" she says, "If you want that Penthouse suite at the Hotel Paradiso, it's yours."

"Why, Jadzia?" I ask, "What happened?"

"It's Worf." she answers, "A few hours ago, he got drunk on Klingon bloodwine and trashed the hotel foyer. As a result, we are being evicted, and the hotel want to install the other couple who were double booked...that's you."

"Thanks, Jadzia." I answer, then turn to Jean-Luc, "It looks like we are going to have that vacation we wanted. Just steer clear of the mess in the foyer!"


The Curmudgeon said...

Bravo, Beverly, for resisting the temptation to use the Holodeck. Sure, it looks just like Risa -- but then some alien computer virus gets hold of things and you wind up in mortal peril.....

Michael Manning said...

What? No Hilton Hotels in space?

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