Monday, August 08, 2011

Doctor Alyssa Ogawa (Part One)

Guest Poster: Alyssa Ogawa

Well, here I am back on the Enterprise!

After so long as being in the background as a nurse, I studied really hard, and am now a fully fledged bona fide doctor. It'll be no more "Pass the medipac, nurse", or "Clean out the automatic bedpan, nurse.". From now on, I'll get an underling of my own to do all that.

Well, naturally, Beverly Crusher will be my superior. She is the Senior Medical Officer on board. I hope doesn't think I'm encroaching on her territory.

I beam on the ship from Starbase Four. The Enterprise had been collecting me from there. On the Transporter pad, Captain Picard and Beverly Crusher are there to greet me.


"Greetings, Doctor Ogawa." welcomes the Captain, "It's good to see you on the Enterprise once again. You were invaluable as a nurse, now I'm sure you will be a highly efficient doctor."

"Thank you, sir." I reply,. and see that Beverly isn't too keen on seeing me.


"Come with me to SickBay." Bev says with all the chilliness of an ice cream. When we arrive she invites me into her office.

"Why are you uptight, Bev?" I ask, "We were great friends in the old days."

"Things have changed, Alyssa." she answers, "Before, you were a nurse....and a good one at that. Now you're a fellow doctor. I want to remind you that I'M the Senior Medical Officer here, and you still have to obey what I say, is that clear?"

"Message received and understood, Doctor Crusher." I say with a vein of sarcasm.

"However." Beverly continues, "You can terrorise the nurses and the Emergency Medical Hologram as much as you wish." with a slight smile.

Bev might think things are not like the old days, but I think after a while they soon will be! I always used to enjoy setting off those exploding bedpans!

To be continued.......


Monica said...

I love that! "You can terrorise the nurses and teh Emergency Medical Hologram as much as you wish". Well said!

Good to see you Jean Luc!

The Curmudgeon said...

I don't see Dr. Ogawa as a threat to Dr. Crusher's dominion over Sick Bay. Why is she worried?

Gordon said...

Well I just see it as hmm a way for Bev to have more time off ;)

Michael Manning said...

Bev will prevail!

Leon said...

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