Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Doctor Alyssa Ogawa (Part Two)

Guest Poster: Alyssa Ogawa

Since my return to the Enterprise as Doctor, things are starting to thaw out between me and Beverly Crusher. I think she sees me as encroaching on her territory though I am just second doctor to her more senior position of Chief Medical Officer. I wish she would give me some of the more 'juicier' surgical tasks, rather than those that are akin to a experienced nurse.

"Beverly." I ask, "The next time a Grade A surgery case comes into SickBay, is it okay if I do it."

"I'd like you to, Alyssa." she replies, "But you know the rules about Grade A cases. They have to be handled by the Chief Medical other me!"

I knew she'd throw that rule at me, as she is technically right. Bev grips her stomach and winces.

"Are you all right?" I ask.

 "Sure." she answers, "Just a mild stomach ache. Run along and complete the forthcoming SickBay manifest for me."

 I storm out of the office. Such a derogatory job that a trained gibbon could do..even an untrained one!

Now in the corridor, I go on my way to Ten Forward to have a Saki and bourbon to calm my irritated temper. Then I change my mind. I'm going to give that redhead a piece of my mind! I'm nobody's doormat any more, not even Doctor Doormat!

I rush back into the SickBay. That Chief Medical Officer will see what happened when I went to on the Assertive Training Course...I wish I hadn't been told I couldn't go on it any more, though.

"Now look, Beverly." I start, "I've had just about enou..."

I'm talking to thin air, until I realise that Beverly is lying on the floor unconscious.

I summon a nurse and we carry her to the nearest biobed

"That stomach ache she had..." I muse to myself. The screen tells me the shocking details that an infection has spread in her stomach and has turned her appendix into a carrier. It needs to be removed quickly and delicately otherwise she won't live much longer.

"We need the Emergency Medical Hologram on this." advises the nurse.

"He can pass the surgical equipment." I say firmly, "But this needs a REAL Doctor to do the job. Get me ready!"

To be continued after the TWQ......


The Curmudgeon said...

No pressure, Doc, but Jean-Luc is going to be mighty displeased with you if you botch this job!

Michael Manning said...

Bev has seen her share of drama!