Monday, August 15, 2011

Doctor Alyssa Ogawa (Part Three)

Guest Poster: Alyssa Ogawa

My arrival back on the Enterprise was met with a little resistance from Beverly as she feared I was encroaching on her territory now that I am a doctor. However, things developed when she collaped. I analysed that she has a virus in her appendix. It needs to be removed right away, otherwise she will die.


I get my surgical gear on. As I expect, Captain Picard shows up, looking distraught, as if he has been told there is no more Earl Grey tea on the ship.

"Doctor Orgawa.." he stutters, "What is going on?"

"You must let me operate now." I reply in my best 'professional doctor' voice. "If I act fast, I will be able to save her."

I call up the EMH to assist me.

"What is the nature of the medical emerge....oh."  he says as the Doctor sees Beverly lying on the operating table, then looks at me.

"You are a mere nurse." he tells me coldly, "I will have to carry out the operation."

"I'm a doctor now!" I reply sharply, "Update your programming. You will assist me by handing out the instruments."

"Handing out the instruments!" he gasps, "I am not a nurse!"

"Doctor." calls out Captain Picard, "Please assist Doctor Orgawa so that Beverly lives." The EMH  mutters, as if he has been told he can't sing opera any more.

Fortunately, the Captain is backing me up, although I've got a strong feeling that if I fail to save Beverly, I'll be back amongst the bedpans faster than I can say "I'm sorry Captain."

I open Beverly up and see the poisoned appendix. The virus in it is about to spread throughout the rest of the body, but the removal of that stops it happening. I check throughout to make sure there were no traces left inside and sew her back up again.

"Well done, Doctor Orgawa." the EMH grudgingly says, "Your fast work saved the patient's life. Had I examined it, it may have taken a little longer and maight have endangered her."

"You did a magnificent job, Doctor Orgawa." the Captain tells me.


Hours later, a slightly sleepy Beverly is sitting up, and has been told of everything that happened.

She hugs me.

"Thank you, Alyssa." she says, "You saved my life.". She then hesitantly continues, "I  know I was a little cold towards you when you returned. I'm sorry for that. Welcome back to the Enterprise."


The Curmudgeon said...

Well done! You've gotten on Beverly's good side and the Captain's!

Gordon said...

Good Save, Hmm I think Dr Crusher might be a little warmer to you now ;)
Dang EMH, I'll see if I can't update his programming, I may drop his love of opera.. I mean Opera - the only place you'll see a guy get stabbed then sing about it instead of dying quietly..