Wednesday, June 29, 2011

T'Pol & Britney On Risa (Part Two)

Guest Poster: Lieutenant Britney

Having sneaked through Customs in disguise, my girlfriend T'Pol and I are now on Risa the pleasure planet for our vacation. We had been banned from visiting there again after the rowdiness we caused on ouir last visit. People can be such spoilsports at times!


"Now we have got trhrough." I say cheerily to T'Pol, "It's bikinis on, and raucous parties from now on!"

"Not so fast, Brit." T'Pol warns me, "We still have to check in at the hotel, so let's keep our disguises on a while longer and check in with our false names."

After a taxi ride that takes us past the same landmarks at least three times, we arrive at our destination, the Hotel Paradiso. The porter takes our cases to the reception area. When he has completed this, he discreetly holds his hand out. I reach out and shake it, saying "Thanks very much.".

The porter stalks off, mumbling somthing unprintable. We turn to the hotel receptionist.

He looks at us both suspiciously.

"Why are you wearing dark glasses?" he asks, "I can't see your faces."

"It's sunny outside, d'oh!" I exclaim, "Why else would anyone wear dark glasses?"

The receptionist glumly has to accept this answer, "Welcome to the Hotel Paradiso, Ms Baxter and Ms Crusher. I hope you haver a pleasant stay. May I remind you that neither the hotel nor Risa itself tolerates any rowdiness? Two women some time ago were banned from ever setting foot on this planet. I wouldn't want you to join the blacklist."

"We've got the message." T'Pol quickly says, and we go up to our room. When we get there, we see the stupendous view.

suraya bay risa

"Suraya Bay looks fantastic, Brit."  T'Pol tells me as we hug, "I'm glad now you persuaded me to come, despite the elaborate things we had to do to get here."

"Let's get down there!" I enthuse, "Maybe it's a nudist beach! That would be great fun!"

"Brit!"  my Vulcan girlfriend tells me, "We want to stay here and have a good time, and not bring ourselves to attention at all. We can't go to a nudist beach. People would recognise us right away, especially after the incident in the hotel foyer that got us barred from the planet."

"Sorry." I say, "Bikinis it is."

About half an hour later, we are on Suraya Bay beach.

My dark glasses serve the dual purpose of keeping the sun out and keeping the security police away..

We go and get some ice cream and find a good place to lie in the sun. Eventually, we find a quiet little place by the rocks.

"Hello T'Pol! Hello Britney!" says a familiar voice, "What are you doing here"

Looking at us from her beach chair is Deanna Troi.

To be continued after the TWQ.....


Fly Girl said...

Oh boy! This is going to get interesting...

pilgrimchick said...

I'm amused at the combination of Britney Spears and T'Pol.

Linda said...

Ut-oh, the jig might be up!

Erifia Apoc said...

Probably not a good sign, Lieutenant.

EastCoastLife said...

Hope the girls don't get kicked out of the planet again.

order essay said...

me too. I'd cant survive if it could happened again. no way9(