Wednesday, June 15, 2011

The Assassination Attempt (Part Two)

Guest Poster: Beverly Crusher

The limp body of Seven Of Nine is brought into SickBay, although with all her metal casing, it looks like the scrapyard might have been a better place.

The Borg drone fell victim to the ricochet of a phaser set on 'kill'. A member of Section 31 had infiltrated the ship, and attempted to kill her so that a war might be ignited between the Federation and the Borg. The Borg Queen warned us of an attempt, but the Secret organisation within Starfleet are very clever.

The pile of metal is dumped on the medibed and I begin sorting things out. In a matter of moments, I hear footsteps, and a familiar face appears.

"How is she, Beverly?" Queenie asks, while I remove some stray metal. Where it came from on Seven, I hjave no idea.

"How did you know...?" I asks, "We hadn't had timev to summon you yet."

"You forget the Borg Hive Mind." the Queen answers with a superior air, "As soon has Seven's connection had vanished, I knew she was in trouble."

"It's too early to say." I summise, "The metal casing that made up her drone body may well have saved her life, but....."

"But what?" Queenie asks, knowing that the word 'but' is not good news for her.

"The blast of the phaser short circuited her Borg implants." I answer, "None are functioning. Seven will not have long to live unless...."

I seem to be in the habit of saying sentences without an ending. I think we were all trained to do that in the medical section of Starfleet Academy. In other words: don't say all bad news in one go. Let 'em take it in pieces.

"Unless what?" asks an impatient Queenie.

"It looks like all her implants will have to be removed, so that she becomes just the human she originally was, that is Annika Hansen."

"No!!" screams the Queen, "She is an integral part of the Borg."

"It's either that or she is dead." I tell her in my serious doctor-mode.

"She'll receive plenty of counselling." Deanna informs us, putting her oar in, "It'll be very difficult for Seven to change from being a Borg to human Annika."

"Ah!" exclaims Queenie, as if she has outsmarted us in a game of chess...or Scrabble, for that matter, "We on the Cube can easily fit new implants on to her. Then Seven would ber as good as new."

"Her body is too badly damaged." I tell the Queen, "You need to guide us as to how to remove all the implants before it is too late. She could not have new ones fitted."

Queenie's shoulders sag like a defeated woman whon has just missed the last bargain at a sale.

"Very well." she muses, "Section 31 will have found they have made a bad mistake in crossing the Borg and attempting to kill Seven."

Over the next few hours, every part of Borg technology is removed from Seven with the aid of her former leader.

What will remain when Seven....or Annika awakes?

To be continued after the TWQ......


Gordon said...

Oh Section 31 didn't wanna piss off Captain Picard and Queenie did they...

Linda said...

Well, does this mean that there will no longer be of Seven of Nine? What about Eight of Nine could he/she step in??