Monday, June 06, 2011

Section 31 Meeting (Part Two)

Guest Poster: Luther Sloan

All those atteneding the Section 31 meeting have resumed their seats after having a drink and a sticky bun. The paper I pick up gets stuck to my hand. I knew I should have washed it!

We are all discussing possible problem people on the USS Enterprise that Section 31 may have to deal with. So far the names of Captain Picard, Seven of Nine and Guinan have come up. Now we are going to look at others.

"Who else is there" I ask.

"I am concerned about the two women Lieutenant Britney and T'Pol." Agent X tells us.

I can't show you a picture of her face as she is so top level in Starfleet, but this is her.

She carries a concealed phaser set at 'kill' in the top of her stocking.

"Why is that so?" I ask.

"Their lifestyle is very obnoxious." Agent X enlightens us, "Not only do they have no discipline, are consistantly in trouble, but they live together, and are said to be in love with each other."

"Disgraceful." comments Agent W.

"Is it?" asks Agent J.

"I don't think so." Agent K comments.

The two look at each other and redden as if they have given away a secret they share.

"Never mind them." I say, "Are there any other crew members?"

"What about the robot?" Agent S asks, "I figure that if he were reprogrammed by enemy aliens, he would give away all the secrets of the Federation."

"That is a concern." I agree, "But I don't see it happening. Few people know where his 'off' switch, let alone how to reprogram him."

When there are no more issues, I look back on our notes regarding the meeting.

"It seem to me that the Borg are our biggest problem." I conclude, "For too long, Picard has had a truce with them through this evil Borg Queen. She can strike and destroy at any time. We need to wipe them out. We need to restart the war and eliminate them quickly."

A 'hear,hear' is heard throughout the room.

"This meeting is now over." I declare, "Coffee and sticky buns are available outside."


Michael Manning said...

It seems to me the Borg's have been a concern for some time!

Ellee Seymour said...

Yes, but don't give in to her.