Monday, June 13, 2011

The Assassination Attempt (Part One)

Guest Poster: Seven Of Nine

"You must be careful, Seven." the Borg Queen warns me while our minds are linked during my regeneration period in my alcove, "With the information we have received, the secret group Section 31 are starting to create a war between as and the humans after I formulated the peace treaty. You could be a prime target."

"I understand, my Queen." I reply, "I will be vigilant and set my phaser to kill and fire if someone as much as sneezes in my direction."

"Don't be TOO trigger-happy, Seven." my leader advises me, "Locutus says he will try and protect you as much as he can."

"I can protect myself!" I crossly say.

"You may think so." she continues, "But you can never tell where Section 31 personel have infiltrated. They could be behind any corner."

"I understand, my Queen." I tell her, and swich off the connection, about to leave my alcove.

Protection is irrelevent. Anyone who threatens me will be assimilated.

I walk out of the cargo bay, where I am joined by two burly security guards.

"Just for your protection. ma'am." one of them mutters, "Captain Picard is ordering that we stay with you at all times."

I get irritated. "I am going to see Locutus to order him to put you two human gorillas back in your cages."

As I stride towards the turbolift. a third security officer appears.

"Another one!" I bark out, "Don't you people have anything else to do?"

"I'm Lieutenant Jono." the third officer informs us, "I have arrived on the Enterprise, put of the security detail and ordered to replace you two."

"Lieutenant Commander Worf has not informed us of any changes in the detail." one of my security men informs him, "Show me your orders."

"Certainly." Jono replies with a sardonic smile, and gets something out of his pocket. All too quickly, we see it is a phaser set to 'kill'. This is hardly not relevent!

With two zaps, my security men are disposed as as fast as if they were wearing red shirts.

"And now you, Borg infiltrator!" Jono cries out, "A message from the people of Section 31."

My Borg life seems to pass before my eyes as he lines up to fire.

"No!!" says a voice.

It's Jennifer Baxter, who looks as if she is on the way to a holodeck battle exercise. She raises her multiphase disruptor and turns Jono into nothingness. But it's too late; the shot has been fired. I move out of the way, so it hits the wall. However, trhe weakened beam hits me full on and I fall into an inky blackness.

To be continued.....


Linda said...

Ut-oh, this isn't good at all. Thank goodness Jennifer got there when she did but still ...

Alvin said...

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