Saturday, June 11, 2011

TWQ: Phone & Mail Crooks

In view of recent events that have happened to me, TWQ (the Weekend Question) is asking you to name any mail or phone crooks and organisations.

Can you name any crooks or organisations either by mail or phone that have tried to con you? List as many as you wish, and your experiences with them.

My answers are:

* Top of the tree are VITAMAIL. They sell overpriced medicinal items to elderly people, promise winnings in competitions that don't exist, send mail constantly and use recorded phone calls to say more messages are coming. Under no circimstances get involved with them. Type Vitamail in Google to see the many evil things they have done. My father mistakenly ordered something, and have only just managed to convince him how bad they are.

* I've had two phone calls from women who can barely speak English claiming they are from Windows, and that my computer has been hacked, and that I need to put in a 'secret code' into my computer. I saw through that scam right away!

* Despite living in Britain, my father gets mail promising non-existant winnings from places as far as Australia, Kansas and Belgium. I think our address was sold to criminals.


Now it's over to you...


rashbre said...

I've registered to get exclusion from the marketing phone messages but still get several a day from people claiming to be helpful with regard to tax/claims/similar. I presume they are offshore. They get an answerphone style message and sometimes play their taped scripts anyway.


The post stuff is the usual offers that are too good to be true about credit and similar as well as plenty of magazine subscription offers with free T-shrts, jackets and watches.


I sometimes wonder how they make any money from it, so assume that the few that reply must get taken for a significant amount.

Der √úbermensch said...

I have also experienced these persons who contact you on your home telephone number, making irrational statements regarding your highly compromised home network. Ahem...

My version of Windows was supposedly corrupt and I also had to enter a code to fix things. I'm not sure whether it was a secret code or a special code. But in any case, entering this code would fix my copy of Windows.

I was quite perplexed.

Mind you, I use Linux.


Empress Bee (of the high sea) said...

nigeria people wanting your bank account so they can "deposit" millions of dollars in your account to split with them. yeah, right. i'll get right on that!

local police wanting donations. they are really union thugs and no money goes to the police actually.

have a great weekend!

smiles, bee

Linda said...

Most of the phoneys and fakes and sca artists get redirected directly into the Spam folder on my email so I don't have to deal with them and I've got an unlisted number so I don't get calls but every great once in awhile if one sneaks through I simply hang up on them!

Der √úbermensch said...

@ Linda: My favourite course of action is to keep them on the phone as long as possible, uttering assertive mmmhmms and uh huhs whilst they continue their mind numbing spiel.

Then there's asking them if they wouldn't mind repeating something or asking to provide further information on whatever product they're hawking.

It's fun to keep them on the call for a good thirty minutes and when you're done, simply state that you aren't interested. Rage can ensue...and it's bloody hilarious when it does. :)

Mike said...

Those types of calls seem to have tapered off at my house.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Keeping them on the phone sounds a great way to stop them!