Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Annika/Seven's Counseling Session

Guest Poster: Deanna Troi

I must admit, I haven't had a counselling session like this before, where I'm talking to one body that is currently holding two minds. Oner being the Borg drone Seven Of Nine, and the other Annika Hansen, her original self. Right now they seem to be at war with each other. Seven had to have her implants removed after an assassinaion attempt by the rogue group Section 31, so though I see Annika, I am talking to both. Either will break out to talk at any time. It's a good job money isn't paid, otherwise they would probably both want a salary.

Annika sits herself down on the couch in my office, and smiles.

Hmmm...Annika in her skimpy outfits is quite a difference from the metallic drone outfit that Seven wore.

"Hello." I start saying, "Who am I talking to at the momemt?"

"I'm Annika." says the blonde figure, "Pleased to be able to talk to you at last, Deanna. I've had a busy time trying to get free since SHE took over."

"Where were you, then?" I ask.

"In the artificial environment created by Borg with the recessive gene known as Unimatrix Zero." Annika tells me, "The Borg Queen was always trying to hunt down users. I could tell you some stories there...."

"No!" she shouts, "I was never there. It cannot be true. Do not listen to her.!"

"Seven," I tell her, you have to accept that you had the gene, and Annika inhabited Unimatrix Zero when you were regenerating in your alcove."

"Oh, she'll never accept anything, Deanna"" Annika laughs, "Seven is so stubborn. She can't believe that she actually had the gene that the Borg Queen was trying to find and destroy. She...and me would have been destroyed if Queenie found out."

I turn to the important matter.

"Annika, Seven...I know you can both hear me, although one may the dominant one at any time." I tell them, "It's important that the two of you learn to live with each other. You will have to share the body, so it is only fair if one slips into background and gives the other free time every so often. Over time, you will learn to give in to each other. Perhaps you might need to call your other self for help in important matters. You might even become great friends."

"That will not be possible!" Seven sniffs, "The Borg are supreme."

"Well I don't want you around when I go on a date."  Annika snaps back.

"I would not wish to be!" Seven replies, "I would not want to be part of your procreation technique."

"So you think I'm going to bed with my date on the first occasion?"

"Considering how you dress right now, I wouldn't think anything else. We know each other's mind."

"That's insulting. I dress to suit myself, not to attract others."

"Ladies." I try to say, then shout "LADIES!!"

The figure turns round.

"This session is over."  I tell them in a tired manner, "You are going to have to go to your quarters and discuss amongst yourselves how to live. Please no arguments about the decorations."

I realise that I shouldn't have said that, as I hear the blonde woman talking to herself in a raised voice about the colour of the calls they ought to have.


Michael Manning said...

I think you acted wisely in bringing this session to a close! :)

Linda said...

I'm pretty sure no matter how wise of a counselor one might be there's going to be no getting through to those two for quite a long, long time!