Monday, June 27, 2011

T'Pol & Britney On Risa (Part One)

Guest Poster: Mirror T'Pol

"So where are we going for our annual vacation this year, sweetie?" Britney asks me as we lie in bed.

"I don't know, Brit." I reply, "Is there anythere in the galaxy that hasn't banned us due to our rowdy behaviour?"

"Then that should make the choosing easier." laughs the Deltan, "Howsabout if we go to Risa?"

I sigh, "That is the first planet that ever banned us; they put a warning out to all the other planets not to let us on."

"Maybe they've forgotten about us?" Britney offers, "We could always go in dark glasses."

As my girlfriend seems keen on going, I agree, although warn her that we may not last on there long before we are thrown off.

"Yay!" she yells, and hugs me.


Not long after, we are in the Risa shuttle, going through customs. I can see photos of the two of us on the board of people not to be let in under any circumstances. I make Britney aware of this, and she puts on her dark glasses.

"Galactic Passports, please." barks out the customs official, and we hand over our doctored documents.

"Miss....Jennifer Baxter?" he says, looking at Brit carefully, thinking he may have seen her somewhere before.

Then I move forward.

With dark glasses on, dyed hair and my ears having some make up to disguise the shape, I look convincing.

"Miss....Beverly Crusher?" he asks. I nod.

He stamps our passports and we are officially on Risa, the pleasure planet.

Britney gives me a big hug.

"I told you we'd make it, T'Pol!" she exclaims, "Now is the time for some real fun!"

"Shhhh!"  I warn her, "We don't want to get deported two minutes after we get through. Let's try and have a good time without being found out."

To be continued.....


Linda said...

Yea, like them eventually getting kicked out AGAIN isn't going to happen!

Gordon said...

Hmm Poor Miss Baxter and Dr Crusher, oh they are going to be in trouble back on the Enterprise if they get kicked out.

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