Tuesday, July 05, 2011

T'Pol & Britney On Risa (Part Three)

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Apologies for there being no TWQ and only one story this week. I've had a lot of trouble in getting a new cell phone like you would not believe. Anyway, onward we go....


Guest Poster: Lieutenant Britney

"I thought you two had been banned from coming on Risa." Deanna Troi asks me and my girlfriend T'Pol. We've met her on the Risa beach, where the Enterprise counselor was lying in the sun.

"So we have." I tell her, "But we disguised ourselves and had false passpoers under the names of Beverly Crusher and Jennifer Baxter."

"Britney & T'Pol!" Deanna exclaims, "That is identity fraud. If the Risa authorities find out you will both be hauled in a penal colony for a very long time!"

T'Pol and I look at each other quickly. "Are you sure, Deanna?" asks my Vulcan friend.

"Absolutely." Deanna tells us, "You both need to get off Risa fast."

"How?" I ask.

"By revealing yourselves." suggests Deanna.

"You mean taking our clothes off?" I puzzlingly ask.

"No!" sighs an exasperated Deanna, "Tell the Risa securirty who you are. They will know you are banned, and deport you, unaware you came under false identities."

"We only just got here!" I sigh.

"We've got to do it, Brit." T'Pol, "Otherwise will be chipping boulders and sharing a cell with huge women who want to know us a lot more for the next twenty five years.."

After leaving Deanna to sun on the beach, we gather our cases and head for the shuttleport. Instead of going in the entrance to board a shuttle, the two of us head to departures, to give the impression we have just arrived. This time we aren't wearing disguises. I wear an outfit to attract attention.

Security come running up to us.

"Britney and T'Pol!" the Head of Security grins, "You've been told that you are not welcome on Risa. You must be deluded if you thought you were going to get past our rigorous security system, which is the envy of the galaxy. You will both be put on the next shuttle out. Now go and don't come back!"

T'Pol and I pretend to look dejected, but once we are in our shuttle seats, we are both laughing away.."

"That's the first time I've been glad to be kicked off a planet." I tell her.

"I agree, Brit." T'Pol tells me, "I suggest we go back to the Enterprise and spend our vacation on a holographic Risa, where we won't be bothered by anyone."

"You're on, sweetie." I laugh, as we kiss.

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Michael Manning said...

There's something to be said for having a Vulcan friend AND being kicked off a planet! :)