Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Return Of The Dolittles (Part Two)

Guest Poster: Sheena

Here on Tarsus VI, things are getting tense. The animals in the jungle have informed me that the Dolittles have returned in their spacecraft. According to them, they came centuries ago and built the obelisk that propelled my growth from a baby to a sixteen year old and gave me the ability to talk to animals.

I go up to the hillside to view them.

They are humanoids in strange outfits; some are white with a large top hat, others are black, and are wearing a white coat.

"Do you want me to eat them for you?" suggests Lenny, who is one of the lions.

"No!" I quicky say, "We don't weant to do that....let's keep it as a last resort."

The Dolittles see me. They are all talking freely to the animals, just as I do.

"Ah." says one of them in a top hat and coat, "You must be the young lady who managed to enter our obelisk. When you did, it sent a signal off to our planet, so we arrived to see who it was."

"You aged me!" I tell them, "I was only a baby!"

"Err..oh, sorry about that." he apologises, "The obelisk had to do that so that you had the ability to understand the animal language, I'm are...?"

"I'm Sheena." I answer tersely, "I'm Queen of the Jungle here, and you are intruding on the animals' land. Go back to where you came."

"Whoah!" comments one of the black Dolittles, "This babe is one angry ball of fire, Rex. Better stay clear. I'm Eddie, by the way, Sheena."

"Don't try any of your wisecracks here, Eddie." Rex warns him, "I do apologise, Sheena. We were just curious to see who had mastered our complex entrance mechanism."

"Yeah!" laughs Eddie, "To think that a baby had cracked the code!"

"Serves you people right for not designing it properly." Rex snorts, then goes on to explain to me, "You see, Sheena, the planet Dolittle consists of two races, the Rexes and the Eddies. As a result, there are only two names in existance there. We are vastly different."

"Ain't THAT the truth!" chortles Eddie.

"Still, Sheena." Rex comntinues, "You are doing a good job in defending this planet. We'll come and visit you from time to time."

The Dolittles say their goodbyes, and their ship flies off.

"I STILL think you should have let me eat them!" Lenny mutters to me.


Linda said...

Ah-ha! I knew that Rex Harrison would be along for this one, nice to see that Eddie Murphy joined in, too! They do make a bit of an odd couple though, don't they?

And now I shall have "If I Could Talk to the Animals" stuck in my head the rest of the day!

The Curmudgeon said...

Sheena should organize the animals and head off to conquer the Doolittles' planet. Let them feel the point of her spear! Mom and one of her Grannies would be so proud....

Fly Girl said...

Never thought I'd see Rex and Eddie together either. Very interesting.