Monday, July 25, 2011

Annika's First Date (Part One)

Guest Poster: Annika Hansen

Tonight is a big night for me; I'm going on my first ever date.

While it's not exactly my first date, it is in the real universe. I had lovers in the computer-generated Unimatrix Zero. Now I am free from that, I can live a comparatively normal life, although I still have to share it with my other consciousness Seven of Nine. However, as she thinks that romance is irrelevant, she has agreed to stay quiet throughout our date.

As I was told he was still unmarried, I asked Reginald Barclay if he would like to go out with me. This resulted in a lot of stutters before he accepted. Deanna Troi warned me that he has this nervous habit.

We decide to meet in Ten Forward, where we are going to have a drink on our date. I see him sitting down.

"Hello Reg." I say cheerily, "I'm looking forward to our date."

Reg looks shocked, and eyes my body from top to toe.

"You look s-sensational, Annika!" Reg nervously stutters, "Errr.... it IS Annika isn't it, and not t-the other one?"

"It's Annika." I assure him, "Seven won't be making an appearance tonight. She's not too interested in my romantic life."

"T-that's good." he tells me, "I always found her rather intimidating."

"I know what you mean." I answer, although I'm anxious not to annoy Seven and make her appear, "Let's talk about you and me instead." I suggest."

"W-why did a beautiful woman want to go with me?" Reg asks, "I mean you could have any m-man."

"Thank you, Reg." I smile, "That's a lovely thing to say. In fact it was at Deanna's recommendation. She said although you can be a little nervous at times, you are a very good and decent person."

I stretch out my hand and hold his. Reg looks panic-stricken.

"L-lets order a drink." he hurriedly says, and gestures towards Guinan to come on over and get our order.

I might have to have chat with Deanna later on about her date recommendation!

To be continued.....


The Curmudgeon said...

Knowing Deanna's history with Mr. Barclay, one can't help wondering if this recommendation wasn't made more in the Counselor's interests than in Annika's.

Fly Girl said...

Well I feel for Reg. Not knowing if Seven can suddenly take over has to make for a nerve-wrecking first date!