Thursday, May 28, 2009

Q's Romance (Part Two)

Guest Poster: Q

My girlfriend Q and I are heading for a meeting with the leader of the Continuum after being summoned there by one of the flunkeys.

"What do you think he wants, Q?" my girl asks me, "If you ask me, we ought to be worried."

"Don't worry, sweetie." I reply, "He probably just wants my advice on something. After all, I've never seen the Head Q with a female. Perhaps he wants to know my technique.

She laughs. "Oh, Q. you're incorrigable!"


We enter the Great Hall and approach our Leader.

"Q and Q." he bellows, "You may both come forward."

We walk towards him. He's got a fearsome front, hasn't he? It kind of reminds me of Dorothy approaching the Wizard of Oz.

"I have heard rumblings of your behaviour." the Head Q continues, "You are carrying out disruptive behaviour together."

"Err...yes sir." I say quietly, "But we do say sorry afterwards."

"Indeed?" our leader comments, "Am I also led to believe that you two Qs are in love?"

My girl steps forward.

"That is right, Great Leader." she confirms.

"This is most unusual." he booms, "The Q Continuum is eternal. It does not allow for romance between it's members."

"It can always happen." I say, looking at my sweetie, who approaches and holds my hand, then kisses me,"

"I did not bring a sick bag." the Head Q comments, "However I am all for the raising of morale in the Continuum, so you may continue your romance."

"Thank you!" we both shout, and leave when we are directed out.


"That's wonderful, sweetie." I say to her, "Our romance has been blessed by the Head Q."

"Delightful, my darling Q-sy woozie." she replies, "Let's go to Voyager and make it travel the wrong way again."



The Curmudgeon said...

Even the Q have to worry about increasing their morale?

Who knew?

Although I'm not certain that wanting to reach for a sick bag will do anything to increase morale....

Linda said...

Apparently the Head Q does not have a stomach for romance if he's looking around for a sick bag! Perhaps you should consider starting a qHarmony dating site and he can find someone to his liking?

Michael Manning said...

Head Q without an air sickness bag? This is getting interesting! :)

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Got to love those Q's :)

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Q Harmnony would be an interesting dating agency in the Continuum. You can be sure what the names of the dates will be.

Gordon said...

A Q n Q romance that will never work I feel sorry for Janeway already.

David said...

here from Netchick to be honest, and say I do not understand.

Jaime said...

What, no forbidden romance? I guess Q will have to find some other way to shake things up.

EastCoastLife said...

I'm glad Romance is allowed between members. Do I see a wedding coming? :)