Thursday, May 07, 2009

Picard Replaced (Part Three)

Editor's Note:

Luthor Sloan, Head of Section 31, the covert organisation that operates within Starfleet has an Admiral now in it's ranks, Nagamura, who has placed fellow Section 31 Agent Katheline Pulaski, the former Enterprise doctor as Captain, replacing Picard, who has been demoted and taken off the ship, along with Beverly.


Guest Poster: Will Riker

It's been a real pain with Kate Pulaski as Captain of the Enterprise!

She has even stopped me eating donuts as part of a healthy eating campaign. That definately did not go down well in my book.

"I've talked with Starfleet." Deanna tells me, "As he was an Admiral, there was no way I could get him to change his mind. I've also learnt that Captain Picard and Beverly have both quit Starfleet in disgust. Apparently, they did not like the jobs they were assigned."

"What were they?"

"Sweeping out the washrooms of the Cadets at the Academy."

We get a call on our Com telling us of a meeting of the senior staff in the Captain's Ready Room.

"Now then, staff." starts Pulaski, "I think Picard let things get way out of hand on this ship. Discipline was weak. From now on there will be strong leadership, right, Commander Riker."

"Err..yes, Captain." I say, waking up slightly.

"Now there are certain individuals on the ship whose behaviour in particular I will not tolerate." Pulaski continues, "Their time on the Enterprise is running out."

We all look at each other, as we wonder who she is talking about.

"Ensign Ro Laren." she starts, "Your loyalty is questionable because of your Bajoran background and possible Maquis links. You can't be allowed to stay here. You shall be reassigned."

Ro stands up and shouts, "No one questions my loyalty!" and walks out.

Oh dear. It seems we might have a few of these.

"Jennifer Baxter." Pulaski continues, you have not been seen as a good Ensign, and will be removed from the ship."

Both she and Data protest, but Jennifer tells her to stay where he is and fight the wicked witch. She too walks out.

"Now we seem to be getting the dead wood out of the ship." Pulaski triumphantly remaks, "Now as for you two, Ensign Britney and T'Pol, you are the most badly behaved people on Starfleet. Why you are still on the Enterprise is beyond me. You both fired from the Fleet. both of are repugnant."

Ouch. That's tough.

"Are you sure you're a Captain, Pulaski?" Britney asks, "You seem a sinister sort to me. C'mon sistah, you and me are offa this place."

As Britney puts some chewing gum in her mouth, she and T'Pol walk away from the table.

"What goes around comes around, Pulaski." Britney reminds her.

Pulaski takes no notice, and looks firmly at Seven.

"Why do we have a Borg drone on board?" she asks, "She is a member of the enemy and should be exterminated."

"The Borg Queen placed me here to study human life." Seven reminds me, "Locutus has treated me well. It prevents the Borg from assimil...."

"Captain Picard is no longer here." Pulaski tells her, "I will give you ten minutes to get off the ship with the others, otherwise you will be destroyed."

"Captain Pulaski." I say, "I really think you ought to reconsider."

"Do YOU want to go as well, Commander?" she asks.

As the Cap told me to stay and watch her before he left, I say no.

With half the Senior Staff gone, things are getting touchy here. I don't think anyone dare crack some Pulaski jokes in case anywhere is bugged.

To be continued...


The Curmudgeon said...

Ensign Britney -- er, former Ensign Britney to the rescue again?

Or has word of this coup reached the Rhode Island? One wonders what young Mr. Crusher thinks of his mother reduced to scrubbing toilets at the Academy. He may borrow Karena's spear himself.

I can't guess which way this one is going.

Captain Erika Hernandez said...

Oh, I would love to see what Wesley thinks of this situation.

Still smelling a mutiny in the works, especially since Picard and Bev left.

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Oh man must come back later my business has made me miss a few updates :(

Tyler said...

netCheck sent me!

Former ensign Britney? I wanna see more of her!

Nepharia said...

Captain! Where are you? They need you.

Vince Briefs said...

wow all they'll have eft soon is red shirts. You can't have a crew with all cannon fodder!

Michael Manning said...

Ah, but as the old saw goes: "This Too Shall Pass!" Gripping!!!!