Sunday, May 24, 2009

Getting Things Back In Order

Now that I'm re-established as Captain of the Enterprise after the Section 31 attempt to place their Agent Kate Pulaski in charge, I am trying to sort things out.

"It looks like Pulaski is a terrible organiser." I say to Bev, who is helping me in my quarters. "The whole place looks like a teenager's bedroom, with clothes and items spread all over the floor."

"I know what you mean, Jean-Luc." Bev answers, "I've er, seen many teenage rooms like this."

I think she has reddened because her room might have looked like that at one stage. I can just imagine it at the time...

"Well Pulaski managed to be a starship Captain, with the help of Section 31." I muse, "She never managed to tidy up. Look at this! She's even left her lingerie here!"

Bev picks up the beautiful silk of one and looks admiringly at it. There are several items all around. She gathers them all together.

"Yes." she says with a smile, "I'll err.. see that they all get sent to the penal colony."

I've got a distinct feeling that Pulaski will never see those, and that Bev will be walking around with a satisfied smile!

Worf comes in.

"Greetings, Captain." he starts, "It is good to see you in Command once again, "Captain Pulaski was as irritating as a Klingon Targ."

I laugh at this, "I guess she was. I hear that her nickname was the Wicked Witch?"

"That is true, Captain." he confirms, "Although Commander Data could not understand this as her skin was not green."

"It sounds like his emotion chip wasn't switched on at the time." I say.

"You may be correct." Worf answers, "Excuse me. I must go. Im have heard from Security that Ensign Britney has started a fight in Ten Forward with someone who called her 'Baldy'"

Bev and I both laugh.

It's good to be running things again!


EastCoastLife said...

Welcome back, Captain!
Looks like there will be quite a bit of cleaning up. :P

Gordon said...

Welcome back Captain...
I wonder if Polaski will melt?

Michael Manning said...

Yes, I can see Bev modeling said lingerie for you, Captain! What warmer way to say "Welcome Home"? :D

Jean-Luc Picard said...'re right...definately a 'welcome home'!

Linda said...

Welcome back to the Enterprise, Captain, I'm sure you'll have everything ship-shape in no time at all! And then maybe you and Bev could mess up your quarters again a little bit - wink, wink!

The Mistress of the Dark said...

nice skivvies!

The Curmudgeon said...

God is in His heaving and Ensign Britney's back in the brig and all is right with the world... er... Galaxy.

Welcome home, Jean-Luc.

May we assume that you will not be ordering burgers from the replicator anytime soon?