Sunday, May 03, 2009

Picard Replaced (Part One)

Guest Poster: Luther Sloan

I've got a lovely warm glow.

It's not just because Agent's J and K have appeared in my office, but it's due to the fact of the latest Section 31 reports that I've read.

Happy reading it is!

"Greetings, Director Sloan." they say in unison.

"Hello, Agents." I reply, "I'm glad you have been reeleased from prison."

"How did that happen?" asked J, her blonde hair perfectly cut as usual. Sorry. I'm distracted.

"The reason." I say to them, "Is that the influence of Section 31 is spreading more throughout Starfleet. We have been able to place cetain Agents in key areas, enough to influence key decisions.

"So the Judge we saw this morning..." surmises K, her long dark hair, sweeping over her shoulders.

Sorry. no more distractions.

"No, he wasn't from Section 31." I answer, but our Blackmail Agent threatened to expose his liaison with the 18 year old female Court Clerk to his wife if he did not let you go."

"Cool!" she says with a smile, "What's next?"

"I've had some good reports, Agents." I tell them, "For the first time, a Section 31 operative has been given an Admiral's position. Not only that, we have another agent that is currently a Commander, whom the Admiral could promote to a Captain."

"And that means...?" J asks hopefully.

"It means that Picard can get replaced." I say with delight, "Then, with a Section 31 Agent as Captain of the flagship Enterprise, we shall be in an excellent postion."

"I want Jennifer Baxter and Ro Laren replaced!" K declares sharply, "They foiled our infiltration."

"As did those oddballs Britney and T'Pol." J adds immediately.

"As for that Seven character..." K starts.

"Don't worry, Agents." I say with a smile, "The new Captain will be briefed on what to do by me."

I lean back in my chair quite satisfied, like a cat that has the cream.

Things on the Enterprise are going to be very interesting!

To be continued...


pilgrimchick said...

Promising start to this one.

Happy b-lated fourth!

Carmi said...

I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes. You always know just how to build suspense!

Tanya agrees with me, which is why she sent me on this lovely Sunday.

Captain Erika Hernandez said...

*sigh* When will Section 31 learn that Picard's not going to go quietly?

Michael Manning said...

Tense times on the bridge!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

You've all got the idea.

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Oh dear. This could get tricky

Amanda said...

Picard is going to have some trouble ahead....

The Curmudgeon said...

I wonder if we'll find out who the Admiral is?

Fly Girl said...

I just had to wish you happy Star Trek Day!

Wolverine said...

yeah this ain't gonna go well for section 31

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Curmy, Part Two reveals all.

Fly Girl, I didn't know that.