Sunday, May 10, 2009

Picard Replaced (Part Four)

Editor's Note:

Due to the workings of Luthor Sloan, head of the subversive Section 31 that operates within Starfleet, members of their organisation have infiltrated the higher reaches. Admiral Nagamura has replaced and fired Captain Picard and Beverly Crusher, and installed fellow Section 31 operative Captain Kate Pulaski in command. She has promptly fired Jennifer Baxter, Ro Laren, Seven of Nine, Ensign Britney and T'Pol.


"Get a Double McGalaxyburger with fries as fast as you can, Picard." yells Kevin the manager, "Can't you see there are customers waiting?"

I promptly get another packet of burgers out, and start cooking them, as Bev runs around the restaurant, picking up orders.

Frankly, I wonder why Bev and myself agreed to work in the McGalaxy fast food restuarant. The manager, Kevin, is forever ordering us around while he does very little himself. Bev says it's a good idea to stay here in Starfleet Mall while we gather our thoughts together.

How did Pulaski get the authority to get us fired? Who is Admiral Nagamura anyway? I had never heard of him until he visited the Enterprise.


"Stop daydreaming, Picard!" Kevin tells me, "And remember to smile at the patrons. A McGalaxy Customer is a HAPPY customer! That's our slogan. Let them leave with a smile."

Right now, I'm considering making Kevin leave with a spatula down his mouth.

"Phew!" says Bev breathlessly, "I'm shattered, Jean-Luc."

"Five more customers!" shouts Kevin, "Get ordering, Crusher. Remember your hourly targets and that a McGalaxy customer is a happy customer!"

A few seconds later, I hear a familiar voice.

"The Borg would not expect any drone to consume this, let alone a human."

I look out across the restaurant. Bev is saying hello to Seven, Ro, Jennifer, Britney and T'Pol.

Straightaway, I walk out of the kitchen and greet them. Kevin comes forward to stop me.

"What do you think you're doing, Picard?" he says, "Get back into the kitchen."

Seven gives Kevin a sharp look.

"You will come no further or you shall be assimilated." she commands, "From now on, you will not come near us while Locutus and the others discuss the situation."

Kevin scuttles off to the kitchen. I'm sure the Collective wouldn't be too keen on having him in the Hive Mind anyway.

"What's the latest?" I ask them.

"We've all been given the heave-ho." Britney tells me, as she lifts a Cheese McGalaxyburger from a customer on the next table.

"Right." I say, "We've got to decide a plan of action."

To be continued...


AK said...
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Amanda said...

Well, this re-arrangement is really putting the crew back on its game! Can't wait to see how they right this situation.

Jane said...

I am sure they will make things right!
Thank you for your comment on my blog. It is appreciated.

The Curmudgeon said...

I would have thought Jean Luc would be more employable than this. And Bev, surely -- there must be work for civilian doctors in the 24th Century, wouldn't you think?

I'm afraid this sudden turn of events has clouded their judgment.

I hope I'm wrong.....

Michael Manning said...

I must say (as an objective observer) Bev looks great under pressure! :D) Not to take away from the serious nature of the business at hand, Captain!

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Oh my...that's about all I can say :)

Jean-Luc Picard said...

I'm sure a lot of people go in McGalaxy's, which is why Picard & Bev are so busy.