Sunday, June 17, 2007

Travel Agent

Next week, starting the 25th of June, the Enterprise will be getting a clean out for two weeks, and the crew will be off for their vacations.

I'm in the Starfleet Mall with Bev and looking at the Transgalactic Travel Tours shop to see where to go. This year, we are going to Iceland and Norway on a cruise.... if we can get in.

The shop assistant looks very smug, wears a bow tie and looks down on us.

"I'm Mr Adams." he says sniffily, "What can I do for you people?"

"We'd like to go on a cruise that involves Iceland and Norway." replies Beverly, "What do you have?"

"On this planet?" he answers gruffily, "No one goes on vacation here except the riff raff. Are you sure you wouldn't like to see the Flame Falls of Talka or the Twin Moons of Yeltern?"

"No!" I reply angrily, "We want a vacation on this planet. I have always wanted to see these two countries for real, as they have geysers, waterfalls, fjords and.."

"Very well," he sighs, "I'll see what I can get you. Let's look in the cheap category."

Adams muses for a while and raises his eyebrows in surprise.

"Actually, it seems like all the trips are booked out. A lot of people from other planets seem to like the area. The Ice Warriors of Cheeli are always booking in advance to see Iceland. The Rockmen of Boulda book years in advance to see the fjords of Norway."

"Are you saying we can't get on a cruise, Mr Adams." Beverly asks with irritation, "Surely there must be something?"

"Ah, here we are." says Adams "There's a cruise on the Artemis starting on the 25th June, starting in Southampton, England on the 25th, stopping at Ireland, three locations in Iceland, three locations in Norway and one stop at The Netherlands and Belgium. It will last 14 days."

Beverly and I talk about it quickly.

"That sounds ideal, we'll take it!"

"Ah." continues Adams, "There are one or two complications."

I knew it. There always are.

"Firstly." he tells us, "The ship is somewhat old."

"Just how old?" Beverly asks.

"It was built in the 20th Century." Adams replies, "It doesn't have many modern features like a holodeck and replicators."

"We don't have to row the ship as well, do we?" asks Beverly drily.

"Actually." Adams carries on, "As I said, there is a second complication. Due to excessive booking, there is only one cabin left."

"I'm sure we can manage." says Beverly with a straight face, as she nudges me in the hips.

"It's a single cabin, madam." Adams says sniffily, "Your ermm....friend will not be able to go."

He looks at me with an air of superiority and disdain.

"Jean-Luc." Beverly tells me, "You go on the cruise. Wesley was asking me to stay with him and Karena, but I made excuses. I think he would welcome me there."

"If that's what you want, Beverly?"

"You go and enjoy yourself next week" she replies, "Besides, when we get back, we'll program the cruise into the holodeck.....and have our own cabin then!"

We both laugh away.


Author' Note:

As you may have gathered, I'll be on the Artemis from Mon 25th June for two weeks, going to the places above with my father. There will be more episodes this week, then a two week TWQ until 10th July.


Mr. Althouse said...

That sounds like an excellent adventure... have fun.

Michele sent me,


Barbara said...

Soinds like a wonderful trip. You must ne looking forward to it. I hope none of the riff-raff show up.

susan said...

Have a great holiday, Jean-Luc.

Michael Manning said...

Have a Fantastic time!!!

raehan said...

Have a wonderful time.

I don't know if you are a father or not, but if so, Happy Father's Day!

I am envious of your trip. Hope it is even better than expected.

Adventures In Waitressing said...

Making me jealous. Sounds totally amazing. Have a safe trip and a wonderful time.

Real Life Drama Queen

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Enjoy your vacation!! I can't wait for mine this year :)

The Curmudgeon said...

It sounds like a wonderful trip. I hope it proves to be.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

I won't be going for a week (embark on Mon 25th).

Raehan, no, I'm not a father.

Titania Starlight said...

That sounds fantastic! Norway and Iceland are places I also would like to see some day. :o)

Jana said...

Wow, that sounds like it will be an amazing trip! Have a great time! And bring back lots of virtual souvenirs for everyone!

Jen said...

Oh, I'm so excited for you, that sounds really neat! That's the sort of thing I'd really like to do. Take lots of pictures!

I took a break from my plumbing issues long enough to blog today, and now I'm visiting around! It's good to be back!

Jen said...
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Lahdeedah said...

Ooh a cruise.

I'm jealous.

Professor Xavier said...

The Love Boat? How strangely appropriate.

dragonflyfilly said...

oh man, am i ever envious!

Merlyn Gabriel said...

that sounds wonderful!! I hope you have a fabulous time!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Thanks for your good wishes. I'll be on the computer up to and including Saturday.

squirrel said...

I hope you have a FABULOUS time!!!!!

Linda said...

Do have a very wonderful time! I would love to be going on a trip like this myself but alas and alack, it's not in the cards for anytime in the future. I need to win that darned lottery first! Oh, that reminds me - perhaps I should try playing the lottery!

Fab said...

Hey Picard!

Just thanking you for the visits. And the good luck wishes. And although I don't comment except your TWQ's, I do read the stories and like them a lot. Until next week-end!

M. C. Pearson said...

Have an awesome time!!! Sounds so fun, take lots of pics for us!

Gyrobo said...

Make sure to ask your relatives and friends if they have any sea monkeys they want released.

Free the shrimp!

Anonymous said...

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