Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Girl Talk For Valentine's Day

While the Cappy and the other men are out on one of their silly Away missions, me and the girls are going to have a little conflab about Valentine's Day.

Aren't we just the sneakiest!

Bev, Trisha, Jennifer and I have chatting about what we are going to buy our men for Valentine's Day.

"Shouldn't THEY be buyting something for US?" asks Trisha, "I've given Geordi a long list of romantic pressies to get me. He'll be spending all day at the Starfleet Mall this week."

"Sure," replies Jennifer, "But they do like a gift in return. It's the whole romance thing. The fun is when they forget until a few hours before and they have to find something special. Usually us girls get an even better gift then!"

We all fall about in a fit of girlish giggles. A passing Bolian crewmember looks at us pityingly.

"Take a hike, Blueskin!" I order him.

Another fit of giggles.

Aren't I a bad Counselor!

It must be all the Klingon bloodwine we've been having. I think we're a little tipsy.

"What are you getting the Cappy?" I ask Bev.

"He's so tough to get a present for," remarks Bev, "Jean-Luc doesn't like us to be too forward with each other as it upsets the balance. We have to be err..discreet. A book of romantic poetry will be just right for him. I'll end up with white flowers."

Bev giggles and spills her Bajoran Brandy.

"Don't forget to wear that short skirt of yours, Bev!" I say to her, "He'll like that as well!"

Ten Forward is deafened by our ear-splitting laughs.

Aren't we bad? Giggle

"What about Riker and Worf?" Trisha asks me, "What are you going to do with them?"

"Oh, I'll just get pressies from both of them." I reply.

I'm a lucky Betazoid aren't I? Giggle.

"What Trisha means," explains Jennifer, "Is that the two of them aren't going to take too kindly to just being the semi-boyfriend of you. Do you think you ought to let Worf go. After all, he may get a card from that Jadzia Dax."

I turn a vivid colour of red.

"Don't mention THAT name, Jenny," I angily say to her, "I'll be monitoring all incoming calls on the 14th, and if we get one from HER, I'll send it back with a few choice words!"

"What about Data, Jenny?" asks Bev, "Have you any idea of what he'll get you or what you'll get him?"

"He said to me that he would love to have The Bumper Book of Thermal Dynamics as a Valentine's present," says Jennifer, "It's not exactly romantic, but it's what he wants. He will get me a new ballgown from Federation Females."

We all order another round of Klingon Bloodwines, and tell each other some stories that make the others shriek with laughter, falling off our seats every so often.

I don't remember too much after than, except Guinan calling Security to throw us out of Ten Forward.

We stagger back to our quarters singing songs.

What a relief the Cappy was away! Giggle


Ciera said...

Hmmm, me thinks the Klingon Bloodwine flows very freely on the Enterprise. LOL!

Claire said...

I wouldn't let those girls make it to my part of the galaxy they might get a nasty shock at what they get for valentines...or not get rather!

Vampirella said...

well I already have my gifts picked out

I thought something naughty and Bev (whispering in her ear, "I would give the capt something special this year I think he is lonely)

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

Valentine's day!

*slaps forhead*

At least I have a few days to plan...

Better Safe Than Sorry said...

maybe a secret valentines?

Trinity13 said...

I'm sure there are a few more interesting things Bev could give the Cap't instead of a book! :-P

Vegeta said...

I think I'll hide in my gravity room until March

Professor Xavier said...

Well at least I'm going to have someone to give a Valentine's Day gift to this year. Have you been checking out Vampirella's blog?

(Beams with pride)

Jen said...

Yikes! She's kinda scary, isn't she?

Lt. Cmdr Oneida said...

Troi has always been a bit scary, Jen.

Boy, I hope no one comes back from that away mission needing medical attention or to talk to the counselor

craziequeen said...

jeez- Valentine's Day already??? [counts on fingers] ok - a few days left....

and some blogging ideas.. :-D

cheers JL


Viamarie said...

Haven't decided what yet. I might just give him a collection of his favorite DVD movies.

Gyrobo said...

By the hand of Kayless!


Maybe that's it! 24 Century would be like this. Us women breaking our heads thinking of what to give men rather the vice versa.

Lori said...

I agree...the best gifts are when the men forget...and have to come up with something fast....LOL

Have a great day!!!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

I guess I'll end up with the book of poetry from Bev!

Anonymous said...

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