Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Field Trip

The class are going on a Field Trip to the Jupiter Station.

All the others are excited, but I tell them it's just a walk round the block, as I have been Acting Ensign on the Enterprise and have been to further places than that.

For some reason, everybody groans, and Commander Parrish, our lecturer rolls his eyes. He has a strange habit of doing that whenever I speak.

I wonder why?

As our shuttle enters the port, I give Cadet Marlena Yates a squeeze round her hip with my arm. She looks at me as if I have Laragan Fever. Then she turns to her keft and gives my ex-best pal Cadet George Tsami a kiss. He winks at me.

Thanks for your friendship, George.

When we walk on the Station, I remark to Cammander Parrish to that the Jupiter Station is in bad condition, and it may need repairing.

He rolls his eyes and mumbles, "Not again!"

We all go to meet Doctor Lewis Zimmerman, who is based at the Station; he is the creator of the holographic doctor program.

"Oh no!" Zimmerman says to himself, "More Starfleet Academy pests come to bother me! No wonder I can never get any research done!"

"Dr Zimmerman," says Commander Parrish, "These are the future of Starfleet, so it's important that they see what we are creating for them."

He turns rounds and looks at us all.

"In that case, looking at these, we might as well give up right know."

"I've studied your holographic doctor program," I remark to him, "I think with correct program overhaul in the bineural circuitry and expand the gigaquadic functions and useage."

Commander Parrish winces.

"Even worse that an idiot Cadet," groans Dr Zimmerman, "A know-all brat who can do anything."

"I have been on the Enterprise, Doctor!" I protest.

"Good for you!" he replies, "So had the people with spanners who put it together!"

I take a look at a couple of buttons and press them when nobody is looking. I'm sure it won't do any harm.

"Err Doctor," says Commander Parrish, "Why don't you tell us what you're doing right now?"

"What I'm doing, " replies Dr Zimmerman, "Is making the preliminary tests for the Mark Two EMH. It will have advanced features, making the Mark One Doctor a thing of the past."

He triumphantly smiles and pulls the switch. All sorts of lights flash.

Gee, whizz, those flashing lights don't look very scientific. Dr Zimmerman starts to look very worried, ans suggests we might want to evacuate.

As everyone panics, I press those two buttons again and all the lights stop flashing."

"He's saved Jupiter Station!" says an amazed Dr Zimmerman.

"Yes," replies, Commander Parrish,with a slight sarcastic tone, "Wesley has a habit of saving the places he is in."

Gee whizz, I guess I'm just lucky.


TNChick said...

I want to go on a trip to Jupiter!

no_average_girl said...

can i go, too? :-D

Vampirella said...

werent you the one who pushed the button in the first place

Jaime H. said...

Yes, Wes is so lucky, isn't he?

Glad you're feeling better, Captain!

Gyrobo said...

This is exactly why I don't allow cadets into the halls on Roboshrub Inc.

Unless they have permission slips signed by three admirals as well as the majority of the Klingon High Council and three fourths of the Romulan Senate.

Ciera said...

{{rolls eyeballs}}

Frosty Snowbro said...


Professor Xavier said...

I'm not one to jump on a bandwagon, but that Wesley kid freaks me out.

-xtessa- said...

my... not only is he a know-it-all brat, he's also sneaky!

Master Yoda said...

A good auto mechanic Young Crusher would make. First mess up your engine, then charge you to fix it he could.

Paige said...

I'm with Ciera. Thanks Jean-Luc for coming by my place. Looks like your canvas if full of stars.... pretty

Jean-Luc Picard said...

I'd vote to keep Wes ON Jupiter!

Trinity13 said...

I would so be willing to leave Neo for you Wesley!!!


How does Jupiter really look like. Good looking young man in the picture.

FreeThinker said...

Beam me up, please!

FreeThinker said...

My coordinates: Starfleet HQ in SF.

Zee said...

LOL! And I'm still laughing at what Master Yoda had to say!

Lt. Cmdr Oneida said...

Wesley is meant to be looked at, nothing more.

But hey, at least he remembers the way to turn off the problem he turned on, some people forget that all important second step.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Some people refer to their chiuldren as 'happy accidents'. Wesley is half of that.

Captain Berk said...

If that cadet ever gets on board my ship, he's going straight to the brigg.

Unless he's good at making sandwiches

Anonymous said...



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