Saturday, October 29, 2011

TWQ: School Reunions

This weekend, we at TWQ (the Weekend Question) don our school ties and ask about reunions.

What are your experiences of School Reunions? Were they good or bad?

My answers are:

I recently went to a plaque unveiling in which many former pupils were there. I was amazed how much older those around my year looked!

Two younger students asked if I was their teacher!

Tonight (Saturday) I'm going to a massive school reunion.

Now it's over to you....


Fly Girl said...

I had a reunion with some high school classmates last year and it was fun to see how much we had grown but were still the same personalities.

Linda said...

I've only been to one and it was okay though nothing to really write home about. My class had their 35th just recently but I didn't attend though I've heard it was a really good time from those who did go.

Bilbo said...

My 40th high school reunion was a lot of fun ... and I looked much better than most of the other men from the class!

Jim McKee said...

I went to my 25th, and it was interesting... Who the hell were all these old, fat people?


Susan said...

hello, you okay, missed you this week.

Like most of the reunions, apart from one and hubby knew more people there than I did!

Michael Manning said...

I will never attend a high school reunion again. All of my track buddies had beer guts, one cute girl I shied away from asking to The Prom is now morbidly obese. But the girls fared well--one runs the Boston Marathon, has two children and has changed very little! : )