Monday, October 24, 2011

The Betazoid Conference (Part One)

Guest Poster: Deanna Troi

"Well I don't know why you want me along." protests Will Riker as we travel in a shuttle to Faros V, "After all, this is a Betazoid conference, strictly for members of your mother's race. Chances are I won't hear anything as you'll be talking in telepathy."

"You may well be right, Will." I reply, "But when it comes to the night time, after the conferences, this particular Betazoid isn't going to be stuck for something to do." I giggle saucily, and Will laughs along.

"NOW I know why I'm here." he smiles, "Quite a sound reason if you ask me. your mother going to be there?"

"Don't worry, Will." I reply, "My mother can't attend as she has to attend a wedding of a friend in another sector. She had to go to a spa to get her body in shape, as all weddings are conducted without clothes, even those who are guests."

Will sounds relieved. I can't say I blame him. It means we will have the conferences to ourselves, with no one interfering at night.

"When I was a teenager." I say, "My mother was always checking on my boyfriends. Not that I had them for very long."

"Why not." Will asks, "Did your mother drive them away?"

"No." I confess, "Most of the time, it was another teenage girl by the name of Lynne Shelloi. That girl always stole my boyfriends deliberately. I despised her."

"Forget about her. In that case, here's to a good time on Faros V!" he says, and we kiss.


A few hours later, we land, and are greeted by a Betazoid official.

"Welcome, welcome, Miss Troi." he says telepathically, in an overenthusiastic manner, "I'm sure you will have a great time at the conference." He then realises that Will cannot hear him and talks to him, "We also have plenty of non-conference activities for you, or you can lie by the pool in the sun."

"Well, well, well" says a familar voice in my head, one I had been dreading to hear for years, "If it isn't Deanna Troi!"

I turn round and see the predatory sight of Lynne Shelloi.

"Lynne.." I stutter.

"That's right." she responds telepathically, and looks at Will, " do have a hunk of a man...a non-Betazoid, too."

She then talks to Will.

"Hello, Will Riker." Lynne says, "I found your name by reading your mind. I'm Lynne Shelloi, and am the singer at these confedrences. Providing the entertainment. I'll be seeing a lot of you while I'm here, I'm sure. Bye for now, Deanna and Will."

She winks, and saunters off, doing a provactive walk.

"That woman is trouble." I tell Will.

To be continued...


Amanda said...

Will is going to have a hard time hiding his thoughts from both Deanna and Lynne!

Michael Manning said...

I admit, Captain. I have fallen victim to the allure of Lynne!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Michael, I thought you might regognise the delightful Shelby Lynne!

Gorden said...

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