Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Journal Under Attack! (Part Two)

Captain's supplemental:

I'm still angrily writing my Journal with a bit of paper and a pencil after my Journal was deleted by Starfleet robots who decreed that my writings were a Spam Journal. I've filled in the appeal, but have heard nothing yet.


"You've got to calm down, Captain." Deanna Troi urges me, "All the angry stomping around isn't doing you any good."

"It must be a plot by some rogue member of the Borg." I grumble, "Only they could come up with something like this."

"No need to get paranoid." the counselor tells me as she consumes her third chocolate milk shake, "It's just simple computer error that will be rectified as soon as possible."

"Your wouldn't if it was YOUR Journal!" I snap back, drumming my fingers.

Bev comes in and sighs when she looks at me.

"Is Jean-Luc still giving you problems?" she says to Deanna, "I tell you he's been impossible to live with the last few days. It's like a child has taken away his favourite toy."

I'm avbout to complain about Bev's remark, when my computer flashes on, with a myriad of lights and letters. When it finally settles down, a notice is visible...

Dear Mr Picard.

Your Starfleet Journal was removed from circulation some days ago as our robots incorrectly identified it as a spam journal. Upon further investigation, we have found that this is not the case and have restored it to the computer system. We do hope you realise that we need to be vigilant, and we apologise for any inconvenience that may have happened....

On the Journal (not a bit of paper)

"Well that turned out all right in the end." Deanna says in her cheery self, "Now you have your Journal back."

"Are you kidding?" I rertort, "They 'apologise for any inconvenience' while the Captain of a Galaxy-class starship has been deprived of his Journal for the past few days. We could have been invaded over the last few days and Starfleet would not have an official record of the event."

"But we weren't." answers Deanna, "Things have been very dull over the last few vdays. The most exciting thing was that Guinan had formulated a new cocktail for the crew to try in Ten Forward."

"That's not the point." I continue to moan as we three leave the room.

Still, it's good to have my Journal back!


The Curmudgeon said...

I somehow knew that recent events in the 21st Century would somehow be echoed in your Journal.

Imagine my surprise today when I put up a post and looked at the email to which I direct comments -- and I had over 40.

Forty new comments! I head over heels. I'd gone viral... in a good way... the book contract would now be surely just a matter of time... and then I looked at the comments.

Spam. All spam. All with three or four embedded links. Most passed through Blogger's spam filter, too. I had visions of Google's spiders checking out my site and finding all of these bogus links and consigning my poor blog to the same oblivion from which you've only recently escaped. But I think I got them all.

And that's with word verification on my comments.


Michael Manning said...

Jean-Luc Picard: May I suggest some spiked Apple cider by a warm fireplace...with Bev of course!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Curmy, you're under attack! Michael, that sounds like a good idea to me!

Josiah said...

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