Monday, October 10, 2011

Journal Under Attack! (Part One)

Now that my 1200th post has been written, I can go onwards. Time to discover new wonders of the universe, save the earth from certain doom and sort out the complicated love lives of my crew.

I must admit that composing this Journal is one of the perks of being a Captain. It providses a valuable record for others in the years to come of how enlightened we are  in the 24th century and how.......

Beeep!!!  Beeep!

ATTENTION: This Journal has been closed down as Starfleet automatic robots have deemed it a Spam Journal. Please reapply if you wish to have it reinstated otherwise we will disintegrate it for all time.


Captain's Supplemental:

I'm having to log this the old fashioned way; with a bit of scrap paper and a pencil.....

What's going on? How dare they call my Journal spam! I've won awards and put a lot of my own effort into it for the last six years!  I'll sue them,,,,I'll....


"What are you doing, Captain?" asks Deanna, who has just walked in, "Why are you banging your forehead against the table."

I tell her all that has happened.

"Never mind." the counselor cheerily says, "You can always borrow mine."

"I don't want to do that!" I snap back, "The Captain's Journal is for me to use, and not to be deleted by a machine who thinks it is spam!"

"Don't let it get to you." advises the Betazoid, "Just fill in the application details to get it reinstated, Wait patently, and it will all be restored."

I do as she asks and fill it out. Deanna takes a look at it first.

"Very good, Captain." she muses, as she looks over it, "However, I think you should withdraw the sentence that says "If I don't get my Journal back soon, I'm going to pull your tonsils out with my hand." It does sound a little threatening, don't you think?"

Regretfully, I do so.

"That's much better." Deanna says with a smile. "Now just send it off and all will be restored."

I press the button and submit the application for reinstatement.

I'd better not wait long!

To be continued.......


Michael Manning said...

Captain: This is the best photo of Deanna since I last saw Elizabeth Hurley! Also, some new ground has been broken here. I see you have lost your cool demeanor! It was inevitable. You have been patient with this crew! BTW:I have tried my best to "re-link". Cheers! :)

Susan said...

Starfleet Spamwatch

Ah the old Starfleet Spamwatch it will get you every time!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Yep! Based on my own experience!

Sidney said...

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