Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Wedding Of Jadzia And Worf (Part Four)

Guest Poster: Jadzia Dax

I enter Deanna’s office slowly to find her waiting for me.

“Hello Jadzia!” she says cheerily, “This won’t take long. It’s merely a formality.”

I bet it is. I’m here to be approved by Deanna, a former partner of Worf, to see if I am a suitable marriage partner for him. I’ll have to answer some questions about his family. Although she is officiating, Deanna has the power to cancel the wedding as well.

Will our old rivalry prevent the marriage?

“Sit down, Jadzia” Deanna tells me, “We’re just going to have a little chat about your favourite Klingon, then it will be all systems go for the wedding itself.”

“All right.” I answer tentatively, “Where do we begin?”

“Well.”  She says with a slight smile, “As you’re marrying into Worf’s family, Let’s see what you know about them. Go back ten generations and say who the fathers were.”

I nearly choke on the tea that I was casually drinking.
 “Ten generations!” I exclaim, “Usually it’s only five!”

“Yes.” Answers the Counselor, “But you are getting someone who is worth knowing a lot about.”

I quickly reel off “Worf, son of Mogh” etc until I get to the end. Deanna looks surprised.

“Well done, Jadzia” she says, “You did it all in thirty seconds.”

“That’s because I agree with you.” I reply with a sly smile, “He is a Klingon worth knowing a lot about. I did my homework.”

“Very good.” Deanna tells me, “Do you think you can sing Worf’s favourite battle song?”

“No problemo!” I tell her, and quickly go into a wailing dirge about Kahless, the Plains of Victory. After eighteen verses, Deanna steps in.

“That’s fine, Jadzia.” She tells me, “You can stop now.”

That’s a relief, as it was giving me a headache, and I would have had to start humming by the time I got to verse 20.

"You've really exceeded my expectations." Deanna tells me. She gets up and hugs me.

"See you at the wedding, Jadzia." she laughs, "I give you and Worf my blessings, and shall be happy to officiate at the ceremony."

I go out, feeling very pleased, and happy that I studied the book Everything You Need To Know About Klingons.

The wedding takes place after the TWQ...


The Curmudgeon said...

I can't remember more than 15 verses of any of my favorite battle songs....

Will said...

And I bet it's not like Flower of Scotland, either, where you get to skip the second verse...

Linda said...

Only 20 verses? Or were there more after that and she was going to have to hum at 20?

And I don't think I can go back ten generations in my own family!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Sorry this post looked a little odd, by the way. I had to compose it while my computer was defective and had to do it differently.

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