Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Britney & T'Pol The Celebrities (Part Two)

Guest Poster: Mirror T'Pol

My sweetie Britney and I may have made a mistake.

The two of us agreed to do a photospread for Galactic Picture Magazine. Since it has been published, we have become instant celebrities, besieged by paparazzi wherever we go, and being asked all sorts of personal questions.


"What are we gonna do, sistah?" Brit asks me pleadingly, whle in our hotel bedroom, "We can hardly go to the Forever time portal and undo the photo session we took."

"You're right." I concur, "We're going to have to work this one out ourselves...and live with the consequences. Still, maybe the media have lost interest in us by now? We could be yesterday's news?"

"Yeah." Britney concludes, "What say we take a walk out now and see if the paparazzi have found someone new to hound."

The two of us step out, although Brit hardly helps by wearing a micro mini dress.

"Britney!" I whisper, "The photographers will spot you from miles away wearing a dress like that!"

"If I can't wear what I like, honey." she complains, "We are in trouble. Besides, some have been looking at you in that old 23rd century starfleet uniform."

She has a point. We walk about 100 yards down the main road. There are no photographers anywhere.

"See what I mean, Brit?" I tell her, "The galactic press have lost interest. They've probably heard some movie couple are splitting up and have gone to park around therir house."

"IT'S BRITNEY AND T'POL!!" shouts someone in the distance. Suddenly, like a herd of buffaloes, reporters and cameramen descend on us. We start running away as fast as we can, with a blaze of questions following from behind.

"Are you going to do another photoshoot?"

"Is it true you are both insubordinate on the Enterprise?"

"Did you two meet when in the brig?"

"Is it true you share the same quarters?"

"Do you love each other?"

We duck into a nearby hotel and ask the doorman not to let the reporters in. The two of us go in the ladies. Britney puts on her emergency outfit on that was put in her handbag. How she got it in there, I don't know.

She gives me another of her wigs, and after I buy a cheap dress in the hotel shop, the two of us look unrecognisable.

"That should do it, Brit." I tell, "We should be able to get around without being bothered."

"Yeah." she answers, "But whar are we gonna do when we go on television for the galaxy-wide broadcast interview?"

To be continued after the TWQ....


Susan said...

so they still have not got rid of the paparazzi.

Random Magus said...

That was quite funny :)

Linda said...

And now the girls know how Lady Gaga feels!

Ellee Seymour said...

You can never escape from the press, whichever planet you are on!

Fly Girl said...

Those horrible paparazzi!

The Mistress of the Dark said...