Saturday, August 21, 2010

TWQ: What Makes You Smile?

TWQ (the Weekend Question) is asking this week about what brings a smile to your face.

What makes you smile? List as many as you wish.

My answers are:

* Waking up later because it's Saturday or Sunday

* Watching a favourite movie

* Seeing or hearing from a friend I haven't seen for a while

* Listening to a favourite song

Now it's over to you...


Amanda said...

1. Seeing one of my favorite foods (and knowing that I'll be eating it).

2. Watching Aaron giggle while allowing the baby to pull and chew at his ear.

3. Knowing that I'll be having an hour to myself without needing to look after anyone.

rashbre said...

Some free time can be good and make me smile
So can being with friends and family.

Today I was smiling as I was whizzing down a longish hill on my bike.

Random Magus said...

Watching Aleyna as she copies what we are doing its so cute to watch her repeat those actions

When I conquer my laziness and do something that I have been meaning to do

An unexpected compliment

Listening to Aleyna as she learns new things and surprises me with her fast growing vocabaulary

Bilbo said...

A smile on the face of a baby.

My grandchildren.

Waking up and realizing that I can go back to sleep if I want.

Watching our government in action (oops, no ... sorry ... that was just gas).

pilgrimchick said...

Anything amusing that demonstrates some level of logical reasoning that the cats do.

When I finish a project.

The fall.

Fly Girl said...

1. Children

2. Candy

3. Music

4. The Ocean

5. Vivid Colors

... Paige said...

silly things, usually make me smile and there there is babbys and my rag top car and my husband and children and grand children and art and writing and bloging and the smell of outdoors on a good day and the smell of rain and dirt
smiles are meant to be smile at a stranger, but run away real fast

P M Prescott said...

1 A beautiful woman
2 Grandchild's smile
3 Funny joke
4 A good golf drive
5 Selling a copy of my book

Susan said...

1. my daughter makes me smile and laugh

2. Cory my grandson, when he smiles at me

3. A blue sky and fluffy white clouds

4. The first blue bell of the year

5. Tea, English breakfast please

Ellee Seymour said...

My sons, people acts of kindness, doing well with my job, listening to my mum sing, visiting your blog...

Heather Dugan (Footsteps) said...

Alone time with my kids, exploring somewhere new to me, being outdoors with no time I have to be anywhere else...