Saturday, August 14, 2010

Vacation Dislikes

As many of us are on vacation around this time, TWQ (the Weekend Question) is asking about what part of it you're not keen on.

What part of your vacation always annoys you? List as many as you wish.

My answers are:

* Embarkation and disembarkation at airports or on cruises.

* Queues on motorways (freeways), particularly if they have been caused by road repairs.

* No places to park cars.

* High priced hotels for poor quality rooms that are little value for money.

Now it's over to you...


Susan said...

Packing and un packing, I hate it.

As we holiday in the UK and self cater a places we know well we don't have the poor hotel rooms.

Mind you an over night stay at Oxford a few years ago still makes me shiver - ugg.

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

disembarking the cruise! hate that part!

unpacking and laundry! hate that part!

love the rest though...

smiles, bee

Heather Dugan (Footsteps) said...

Not a single thing! I try to count it all (inconveniences included) as new adventures.

When I get home, however? Dirty laundry!!

Linda said...

Getting someplace and finding that it looks nothing like it did in brochures or on the internet!

I'm totally with you on the traffic part, too!

Overcrowded places!

Bilbo said...

Air travel.
Auto travel.
Overpriced and underserviced hotels.
Unpacking and laundry when it's over.
The office calling you with questions.

P M Prescott said...

Most of our travel is by Ford Windstar. I love listening to books on cd's so the long drives don't bother me that much.

1. Having to stop every thirty minutes for the women to go to the bathroom.
2. The only place to eat at times is at a truck stop.
3. If you leave New Mexico there's no green chile.
4. The fancier and expensive the Hotel the more they charge for what's free at motels, ie. wifi, premium channels, sundry items, etc
5. Getting into the hotel/motel room and then you find out the pool and hot tub are out of order.
6. Getting into the pool and a bus pulls up with fifty elementary kids who in ten minutes have splashed all the water out. Then spend all night running up and down the halls screaming.

... Paige said...

it's not too late to answer this, really it's not...

I very much dislike that hotel beds are not my bed!

Anonymous said...;u=30846

Anonymous said...

I suck coz I only appear to be able to think of one joke and one joke alone...

Why did the plane crash into the house????


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