Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Trouble With Donatra (Part Two)

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Guest Poster: Jadzia Dax

I'm livid!

Right now, I'm stomping through the corridors of the Enterprise after my encounter with Donatra, who just happened to be passing by. I gave her a right earful. It all started because my man Worf has being seeing too much of her while he educates her into Federation and Klingon life. Donatra is a Romulan who has defected to our side because there is a lot of Klingon blood in her ancestry and sees herself as more of that race than being a Romulan.

Call it jealousy if you like, but I'm keen to see it doesn't develop into anything else.


I arrive in the sanctuary of the Ten Forward bar, where Guinan is serving out drinks and giving advice at the same time. I think she is a better Counselor than Deanna Troi. All you get in her office is a glass of water.

"Hello Jadzia." Guinan says upon seeing me, "You look decidedly worse for wear. Has something being bothering you? Is it Donatra?"

 "How did you know?" I ask.

"You don't get to be barmaid on the Enterprise without knowing the lives of those on board, and picking up a few choice remarks that some say." Guinan answers with a slight smile.

"So what did Donatra say?" I ask, while downing my fourth drink in two minutes.

"She was with her circle of friends, Jadzia." Guinan mentioned, "I didn't hear much, as Captain Picard and Beverly were drinking together at the same time. However, I did hear Donatra mention "She's only a Trill." and also "Worf and I are much more suited together." and things like that."

"Oh really?" my Trill blood getting hotter.

"Jadzia." Guinan advises, "Don't do anything Worf won't like. That may well be just what Donatra wants."

I consider this carefully, and thank Guinan for her useful tip.

As I head back to the quarters Worf and I share, Donatra appears again.

Donatra is about to speak, but I interrupt her.

"Don't bother calling Worf again." I say decisively, "You won't be so important soon."

I stride off into the living quarters where Worf and Alexander are talking.

"Here's a Credit, Alexander." I say, handing it to him, "Go see Alien V Predator XXXIII at the Enterprise Cinema. Your father and I have got something to discuss."

Alexander eagerly leaves, and Worf asks what is it we need to talk about.

"It's not so muich talk, Worfie." I say with a smile, as I unzip my dress, "I just need to remind you why Donatra is not that important, and can get by with learning on her own..."


A few hours later, Worf is talking to Donatra on his COM.

"No, Donatra." he says, "I can't come and help you with your indoctrination. I think you have learnt enough to do it by yourself from now on. Good luck."

He puts the phone down and resumes kissing me.

Ah, sometimes a woman's persuasiveness can be very powerful!


Linda said...

Ah-ha, the plan appears to have worked quite nicely! Good-bye, Donatra!

The Curmudgeon said...

Oh my. Between the Dax symbiote and Guinan, Donatra didn't every really stand a chance against Jadzia, did she?