Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Online Shopping With Deanna Troi

Guest Poster: Deanna Troi

We've been in deep space for several days, which has been extremely frustrating for me. I haven't been to the Starfleet Mall for at leasr three weeks.

The shopping drug that I have needs another fix...and soon!

I'm looking on the computers, doing the usual boring confidential reports that I have to fill in, and laughing at a few of them. Who would have thought that a member of the Enterprise staff had THAT problem? Unfortunately I'm bound by Counselor/patient confidentialilty to to say anything, although I really would like to tell you.

I'm digressing again. Now where was I?

Oh yes, shopping. Well I've just seen this feature pop up on the Starfleet computer.


Well, this looks super! Let's see what they have....

Yes, I'll have a few new dresses from Gowns Exclusive

A new make up supply from Galaxy Facepainters

Six new lingerie outfits from KinKee Lingerie


Half an hour later, I am still online shopping. I must admit, this is a lot more fun, I can just sit back in the chair and pick what I want, one after the other, and I don't come back with worn-out feet!  giggle!

Will comes in.

"Deanna, what have you been doing?" he asks, "You were supposed to meet me for coffee in Ten Forward half an hour ago."

"Woops!" I say, looking at the clock, "I hadn't realised how quickly the time had gone by while I was doing this."

"Doing whar?" he asks.

"Online shopping." I answer, "Look at the vast amount of items I've purchased from the Starfleet Mall without having to move from this chair."

"Look at the vast cost as well!" Will tells me, "The total is astronomical!"

"I don't usually bother to look at that in case it's a lot." I explain.

"Well you ought to." Will replies, "Captain Picard imposed a strict spending limit for those who shop online to stop them getting a shopping addiction."

"Well that wouldn't happen to me." I say firmly.

"Really?" Will tells me, "You've already gone twenty times over the spending limit!"

"Have I?"

"Yes, Deanna." he rells me firmly, "You need to cancel the orders for most of them."

"All right." I say sadly, "What shall I keep?"

Will looks down the vast amount of orders.

"Keep the lingerie outfits." he says quietly, them leaves.

I giggle.


The Curmudgeon said...

Riker has more than doughnuts on his mind tonight!

Frances said...

You gotta love a man who can make a decision ;)
Thanks for the heads up on my blog post.
I thought it looked a little long.
Waving at you appreciatively from NYC

Jake said...

Keep lingerie outfits, that is what I thought too, deanna. I grant you exception that buy any lingerie outfits online with no limitation.

Linda said...

Well now - there's a surprise!

Good of the Captain to be looking out for everyone's well-being by setting limits, though, as you'd still be sitting in that chair I bet!

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Deanna's a woman after my own heart

Anonymous said...

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Andrew said...

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