Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Alpha Borg Queen's Visit (Part Six)

Guest Poster: Jennifer Baxter

Captain Picard, The Alpha Borg Queen, Deanna, Seven, the Borg Queen, myself, plus Worf and his Security Team are just getting ready to beam over to the Borg Citadel, which has been taken over by the Troi Borg Queen in a coup.

The two Borg sides, the moderates and hardliners are fighting each other in space. As that goes on, we intend to go in, as the Borg Leader knows the Defence Access Codes.

"I do wish you would not go, Jennifer." says Data as he comes to kiss me goodbye, "It is dangerous, "I ought to be going instead of you."

"Don't worry about me, darling." I reply, as I get my black suit prepared and check the power of my multi-phase disruptor, "You know it's time for your monthly diagnostic by Geordi, and besides, if the Troi Queen got hold of you, she'd literally tear you apart."

All of us are in place in the Transporter, and Captain Picard gives the instruction to beam over.

We appear in an empty corrider. The walls have pictures of the Alpha Borg Queen, and her various Borg Queens.

"It's this way." the Leader says, "Be careful, she could have her minions anywhere."

As she says that, five drones appear who look pretty lethal.

"Enemies!" exclaims the Alpha Borg Queen.

While the others are dithering about which strength to use on their phasers, I waste no time and get my mini-disruptors, which are permanantly set to maximum and start shooting.

"Eat this!" I exclaim, and within a few seconds the advancing drones have vanished into nothingness.

"Your Ensign is most effective, Locutus." remarks the Alpha Borg Queen to the Captain.

"Indeed." he replies, "Perhaps you ought to consider Ensign Baxter for the Security Team, Mr Worf?"

"I did ask her some time ago, Captain." Worf replies with an annoyed tone., "But she stated that we were 'too wimpish' for her tastes. Personally I consider her too much of a loose cannon."

"A cannon that works effectively." I comment sarcastically.

The Alpha Borg Queen motions us all to be quiet.

"This is the Throne Roon where I sit." she whispers, "The Troi Queen should be in here."

We all enter, weapons at the ready.

"I am the Alpha Borg Queen" she declares, "And I am here to regain my throne."

However, we find the room is empty. What a letdown!

Suddenly, a number of hostile drones beam in, along with the Troi Borg Queen. I hate surprises like that!

"I don't think so." she declares, "Your day is over."

To be continued....


Gordon said...

Oh dear,
Is this the end for our dear captain or maybe Queenie Troi has over estimated herself? I hope it's the later.

Linda said...

And once again you have left me hanging here, Jean Luc! Shame on you! I have literally no fingernails left from the stress of not knowing how this is going to end!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

I think the next part will have to be the last episode, or else poor Linda will have no fingers!

Anonymous said...

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The Curmudgeon said...

You now have spamming college students?

I suggest we don't dismantle or imprison the Troi Borg Queen but rather send her back to the 21st Century and turn her loose on the spammers. Yank her back to 24th Century and offer her parole when she's cleaned things up here.

Fly Girl said...

Oh no, this sounds like a big battle brewing...

Michael Manning said...

Jennifer Baxter always makes for an interesting post! ;)

Jessie said...

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