Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Alpha Borg Queen's Visit (Part Three)

Ever since the Alpha Borg Queen, who is leader of the race, and the Borg Queen  have been on the Enterprise,  nerves amongst the crew have been ragged, So have mine.

Seven and her two friends have been striding about the corridors. As soon as any crew member sees them coming, they hurl themselves into the nearest room. I heard that one hid in a Jeffries tube until the three of them had walked past. When Vic Fontaine gave a set at The Sands, our holographic nightclub, the three Borgs came in. It didn't take long for a table to suddenly appear empty for them.

Anyway, we are taking the Alpha Borg Queen and the Borg Queen to a point where moderate Borg ships are due to meet. Right now, there is a scism in the ranks, and hardliners, led by the Troi Borg Queen are trying to take over the leadership. It's essential we don't let this happen. She is a fanatic, while we have a sort of truce with the moderate leadership. We can't let it break up.

The Borg Leader enters the Ready Room.

"Locutus." she comments, "I cannot help feeling a slight sensation of unease amongst those on this ship. They stay well clear of us."

"You've got to understand, your Majesty." I carefully reply, "You are the Leader of a race that has assimilated countless billions. They're not going to be exactly welcomming."

"I understand that." she says, "But the human Jennifer Baxter follows me around in that black suit of her, waving that disruptor around saying such things like "If anything happens to my Data, then this is for you."

"Err..that is a little over the top for her." I answer, "I'll have a quiet word with Ensign Baxter."

Satisfied, she leaves, just as Worf enters, who looks annoyed.

"Captain." he says, "My Security Team are having to work double shifts to accomodate the two Borg Queens. As we are supposed to protect them, we are also having to cater to their every petty whim, as if they are a female 21st century pop singer."

"I know, Mr Worf." I reply, "But we are nearly at the co-ordinates, then they will be off our ship."

Grudgingly, he accepts this and leaves.  The Borg Queen enters.

"Locutus." she says with a smile, "There is something I must discuss with you."

I beckon her to sit down, and she drinks a cup of Earl Grey. She leans forward and holds my hand with her clammy paw. I'm glad Bev isn't here.

"I fear that we may have lost the Borg Civil War." she utters. I look grim.


"The Hive Mind is all out of control." she tells me, "It's like one of your old televisions without the channels tuned. My Leader hasn't accepted it yet. She's afraid to know the truth."

"Well we're at the co-ordinates now." I tell her, "Perhaps your friends have more news?"

The Borg Queen leaves. She and her Leader beam over to one of the Cubes that surround us.

Ten minutes later, the VideoScreen comes on.

"I regret to inform you that there has been a coup at the Borg Citadel." The Borg Queen tells us, "The hardliners have seized control of it and are now running everything. The Troi Queen is in charge"

"What happens now?" I ask.

"Locutus." she says, "You must join us in an attack on the Citadel. We may be able to wrest control before they settle properly."

The staff on the Bridge look to me.

"Very well." I say, "Set a course for the Borg Citadel and we'll be following behind.

"I hope you know what you're doing, Jean-Luc." Bev whispers to me.

"So do I" I quietly reply.


Anonymous said...
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Fly Girl said...

Oh boy, Borg Queens always bring trouble...

The Curmudgeon said...

Storm the Citadel!

But I just bet there's going to be some extra paperwork with Command when this is all over.

If, of course, you're not assimilated first....

Jean-Luc Picard said...

You're so tight, Curmy...all the paperwork!

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Time to play catch up...sorry I haven't been by as much lately Captain!

Linda said...

Oh just assimilate all the paperwork into the closest shredder!