Saturday, January 23, 2010

TWQ: Illness Cures

As I have a cold right now, I thought TWQ (the Weekend Question) ought to look on cures you all use.

When you are not feeling well, what cures do you use to help feel better? Any unusual ones?

My answers are:

* Lots of drinking.

* Lemon drink, plus honey and lemon

* Keep warm

* Cough sweets

* Anadin tablets

* Vaseline on the nose when in bed

Now it's over to you...


sage said...

Dissolve peppermint candy in whiskey (crush up the candy and pour whiskey over it for a few hours), add honey and take a tablespoon or so for a cough. Here from Tanya's today.

Linda said...

Lots and lots of bed rest!

Hot tea.


Hope you're over your cold soon!

Anonymous said...

All of Your above.

A good mystery read.

At least one cat hot water bottle, not only do they last longer than a hot water kind of bottle, but they sing to you as well when you stroke them. :)

Chocolate, a must have.

Deadpool said...

When I'm not feeling well I like to watch some STTNG. That always cheers me up. That and a bottle of Jack.

rashbre said...

Yours are good suggestions.

Mine is similar mainly Lemsip with stirred in honey and cups of team. And soup.

Get well soon.

Ellee Seymour said...

Hot water, lemon, honey and fresh ginger is really good, plus dosing up on Echinacea. Hope you feel better soon caption, your crew needs you.

Michael Manning said...

Hot Tea with Lemmon & Honey and Toast coupled with rest! :)

Footsteps said...

If I feel the beginning of a cold coming on I make sure I exercise as it seems to rev up my body's immunities. If the bug gets me anyway, I make sure I'm well hydrated and that no one else in my family gets it!

The Mistress of the Dark said...

For an upset belly...Peppermint tea!