Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The Alpha Borg Queen's Visit (Part Two)

Guest Poster: The Borg Queen

Locutus seems to groan after I inform him that I wish the Enterprise to transport the leader of our glorious race, the Alpha Borg Queen.

"Why us?" her protests, "Can't your Borg Cube do it?"

"That is not possible." I reply, "However, I shall let our Leader give you the details."

Beverly Crusher steps forward.

"Hello, Queenie." she says to me.

"Greetings, Beverly." I answer. She is one of the few people I allow to call me 'Queenie' after our alliance on my Borg Cube when she took control of it and helped defeat Species 8472 when I was injured.

"Jean-Luc." she tells Locutus quietly, "Whatever the reason is, it must be a good one. It would be wise to listen."

"Very well." Locutus sighs, "Beam her aboard."

I give the instruction over the comband, and a shimmering light appears.

I bow down and say "Your Majesty." Locutus and the others give a grudging sort of bow after Seven orders them to.

"You may stand" she tells us all, then looks around.

"It is good to be on this human vessel Enterprise again." my Leader observes, "I enjoyed the Christmas Party the other year and partaking in the various pursuits that take place. Sadly, Locutus, this is a serious matter."

"Let's go into the Ready Room." Locutus suggests, "I'll bring my senior staff with me."


When everyone is assembled, they look to the Alpha Borg Queen, who had her eyes fixed on Deanna Troi.

"As you have heard, the hardliners have been causing  more trouble for the moderate Borg leadership." my Leader starts, "Led by the Troi Borg Queen, they are pressurising and threatening drones to turn against their masters and side with them. A split in the Borg ranks is getting wider, Locutus."

"What's that to do with us?" Locutus asks blankly, "Many would say if the Borg are fighting each other, they have less time for assimilation.."

The Alpha Borg Queen rolls her eyes, as if she explaining something simple to a small child.

"Do you not realise, Locutus?" she says, "If the Troi Queen hardliners mount a coup and win, the position will be very different. The truce you and I have had will end and this entire galaxy will be overrun very quickly. This is the first place they will come."

"Can't you send someone in to assassinate this Troi Queen?" the Bjoran Ro Laren suggests, "A guy in dark clothes, high powered rifle?"

"My multi-phase disruptor would have done a good job." Jennifer Baxter pipes up.

"We should have done a long time ago." I reply, "But now she is too powerful, and has too many supporters"

"So what do you want us to do?" Locutus asks.

"My Imperial Cube was attacked by hardline forces" my Leader continues, "Fortunately, the 01 Cube was nearby and managed to rescue me before it was destroyed. The Troi Queen is searching for the Cube now, she will not realise that I am on the Enterprise."

"What about the Hive Mind?" asks Locutus.

"Fortunately I am able to deny access to them" the Alpha Borg Queen continues, "If you take me to a designated point where moderate Borg forces are located, I can attack the opposition and return home."

"Very well, your Majesty."  Locutus glumly says, as if he has just agreed to a visit to the dentist.

"I shall stay on board as well" I inform him, "As I will need to look after my Leader. My 01 Cube can be maintained by my drones. I hope they won't want paying double time because I'm not there."

To be continued...


Linda said...

Well, this has interesting written all over it!

Amanda said...

Drones get double time pay??? THATS interesting.

Anonymous said...
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The Curmudgeon said...

A confrontation with the Borg Troi will be interesting....