Saturday, January 09, 2010

TWQ: Winter Outlook

Right now, here in Britain, it's one of the coldest periods for thirty years. TWQ (the Weekend Question) asks you what you do in the winter.

What do you prefer to do when the winter weather comes around? Are you in the southern hemisphere where it is sunny?

My answer is:

I don't like snow and ice at all. I fall over too easily, having no sense of balance. I like to wrap up and stay indoors as much as possible. If any snowfalls come, I stay in except for any trips to the office!

Now it's over to you...


... Paige said...

sometimes we grill in our shorts and cowboy boots, but not today as it is 15 degrees F here and I fear our pipes have frozen :-{

gillymay said...

I'm with you on that one Captain - I'm frightened of falling but I can cope with the cold. I've already got cabin fever & can't wait for it to melt!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

i hate the cold with a passion! i live in southern florida where it is supposed to be warm but it is very cold here too. i just try to keep warm with layers and thick socks. the tile floors never get warm here and the heat is not like a furnace so it's not too good.

smiles, bee

Linda said...

I live in a locale where cold is the norm but they're predicting our coldest winter in 25 years here so I'm thinking there will be a lot of staying in the house and under a layer or two of blankets! Every winter I wonder why on earth I ever moved back to Connecticut from California but then every fall I am reminded why!

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Fly Girl said...

Why is it that winter babies always despise the cold? I'm with you, I don't like the cold at all, even though I live in an arctic tundra called Chicago. I have an assortment of serious winter clothes and coats to sheild me from the cold because I go stir crazy if I stay inside all winter long, which lasts for about 6 months in Chicago.

Fab said...

I like snowey winters to be outside, with me inside and warm, with a cup of hot chocolate. I fall over easily as well. I haven't up till now, but am awaiting it. Have slipped several times. I don't understand how people pass me in a normal pace, when I am walking carefully like an old woman with arthritis and still not able to NOT slip and slide.

Let spring set in, I'd say. Fed up with wearing 3 jumpers as well. Ba humbug.

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Footsteps said...

I HATE being cold but still prefer being outside to being cooped up inside. So I bundle up and run in the icy snowy stuff and count down the days until Spring or whatever warm getaway I manage to get on my calendar.