Wednesday, November 25, 2009

T'Pol & Britney's Undercover Mission (Part Six)

Guest Poster: Karena

What a mess T'Pol, Britney and myself are in right now!

Sent to infiltrate the all-female mercenary group known as The Virago, the three of us have managed to find out their secret plans. T'Pol looks like their leader Ishtar, who was taken by the Enterprise. Ishtar's lieutenants Sala and Vada already despise me and Britney. Now, a shuttlecraft has landed on the planet Verdan, where we are, and the real Ishtar has emerged, presumably having escaped from the Enterprise.


I get my spear ready. The tension is as high as if a farmer was coming to tell his turkeys that it's Thanksgiving time. The only thing is, it looks like our necks are on the block!

"Take them!" commands Ishtar, "They must be executed immediately!"

"Hey!" T'Pol says desperately, "She's the fake. She just landed in a Starfleet vessel. So she must be an imposter."

Vada and Sala look at each other, rather confused. They don't want to kill the person who is really their leader.

Ishtar looks towards Sala.

"Sala, my dearest one." she starts, "You and I had matching tattoos on a certain part of our bodies that no one else knows about. Ask this imposter if she knows what it is and where it is."

Sala looks hard at T'Pol with a sly smile.

"Well then." she asks, "Where is it, then?"

"Errrr....." T'Pol stammers, her face going red.

"That's the proof we need." Sala says firmly, "Take the three of them and execute them right away."

I throw Britney and T'Pol a couple of spears, though I know they are not skilled fighters with the weapon as I am. The three of us can't defeat the whole of The Virago.

As Ishtar and the other members of  The Virago advance, Britney swings at them with her umbrella spear, fending them off, and whacking Sala on the head. I do the same, keeping them from getting too near. Bujt it's only a matter of time...

Suddenly, we see a group of Enterprise Security beam down. The approach with their phasers and stun the women quickly. Captain Picard approaches.

"We've got all the information about where The Virago were going to strike next." T'Pol tells him, "You have them anyway now. The Virago is finished."

"Well done, you three." says the Captain, "You have done well."

The women regain consiousness, and are handcuffed by Worf and his team.

"Don't think we won't forget what you have done." snarls Ishtar to the three of us. The Virago will have it's revenge."

"And I will upon you." Sala says in anger to Britney, "Keep looking over your shoulder. We will be there, someday."

"Thank you for helping, Karena." Captain Picard says to me, "We'll take you back to the Rhode Island."

"Anytime, sir." I reply, "Be careful that Britney and T'Pol don't rtun into trouble."

He laughs.

"Britney and T'Pol ALWAYS run into trouble!"


Linda said...

Those darned matching tattoos in secret places make things complicated all the time!

Glad all's well that ended well though for awhile there it looked like the girls were going to get their necks wrung like many a Thanksgiving turkey before them!

Amanda said...

They may get into trouble all the time but they also get some good work done occasionally. Gotta take the good with the bad :)

Michael Manning said...

Oh God, I'm laughing on this end (no spear pun intended)! As I'm reading text, my mind is wandering at the lovely women who are always on board...and then like a bolt of lightning, there's Ensign Britney! :D))!

The Mistress of the Dark said...

I never thought I'd be cheering on Brit!

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