Wednesday, November 18, 2009

T'Pol & Britney's Undercover Mission (Part Four)

T'Pol, Britney and Karena are infiltrating a gang of female mercenaries known as The Virago.

As T'Pol looks just like their leader, Ishtar, we have managed to apphrehend Ishtar and put T'Pol in her place. We hope the three women will be able to learn something of their activities so they can all be stopped. At the moment, we have no idea where they are. There is complete communication silence.

In the meantime, I am about to interrogate the real Ishtar and find out what I can

I don't rate my chances very highly.


I walk into the Interrogation Room, where Ishtar looks at me with disgust.

"So you are the 'great' Captain Picard?" she sneeringly says to me, "You will get nothing out of me, you Federation puppet!"

She then spits at me. Fortunately I havev a box of tissues on hand. I well prepared for these sort of occasions.

"It will be a lot easier if you tell me where The Virago are, and where they plan to strike next." I inform her in my officious tone, "You will find your sentence on the penal colony reduced significantly if you do."

"I will not betray my Virago sisters!" Ishtar declares defiantly, "Bring out your weapons of torture, you puppet. Not a word of betrayal shall pass my lips"

The door opens, and Bev enters.

"Jean-Luc." she whispers, "Perhaps we could use some truth serum on her?"

"I heard what you said!" Ishtar shouts, "It will not work; I have conditioned my body to reject any truth serum. Your woman here is wasting her time. Perhaps you'd like to give up torturing me and spend some time with her instead?"

"You are getting on my nerves, Ishtar." I tell her angrily.

"Good!" she laughlingly say, "It will only be a matter of time before my sisters find out where I am and rescue me."

"They don't even know you're away." I retort, "I have a crewmember who looks like you. Right now, she and two others are gathering all the information at The Virago location. We will soon have you all at the penal colony!"

A worried look suddenly comes across Ishtar's face.

"Come on, Bev." I say, "We don't need to question her. T'Pol, Britney and Karena will get them all."


A few hours later, I return to the Interrogation Room. Ishtar has vanished.

"How did she do it?" I ask Worf, who is there with his Security Staff."

"I do not know." he replies, "Howerver it seems she is an expert with circuitry and ventilation shafts. She left the room without anyone being aware."

"Seatch the ship!" I quickly say in  my best Captain's voice, "We've got to find her."

"It is too late." Data answers on my COM, "With her knowledge of computers and circuitry, Ishtar was able to steal a shuttlecraft and leave the Enterprise without us being aware."

"She's been gone hours." I say, "Undoubtably Ishtar has returned to wherever The Virago are. If she gets there before we find her, T'Pol, Britney and Karena will be dead!"

To be continued after the TWQ...


The Curmudgeon said...

Jean-Luc, you know I hate to criticize... honestly, I do... but I think Star Fleet may agree with me that it was just a teensy weensy bit indiscreet to reveal your whole plan to Ishtar especially given her hitherto unsuspected technological expertise.

Unless... unless... you're really trying to get rid of Britney and Mirror T'Pol once and for all... and Karena in the bargain... freeing Wesley from a marriage of which I know Bev disapproves.............

Jean-Luc, are you getting all Machiavellian on us?


Fly Girl said...

That Ishtar is a crafty one but I can't tolerate anybody who spits!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Curmy, don't you remember that in the James Bond films, the villain always explains exverything to Bond so it can be foiled. This is sort of in reverse.

Linda said...

Hmm, let me see ... Ishtar returns to her people in a StarFleet shuttlecraft looking just like T'Pol who has already claimed to be Ishtar and The Virago have to choose who is the real leader suspecting that it isn't the real Ishtar because of the shuttlecraft. Or something like that?

Amanda said...

Well Ishtar was quicker at getting away that I thought she would be.

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Oh dear!

susan said...

well that's put the cat among the pigeons...........

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Linda, are you trying to do the story before I do?

Michael Manning said...

You were spat at? This is getting serious!