Thursday, July 12, 2007

T'Pol's Disciplinary

I knew this would happen.

T'Pol is a very agressive person,

Since we rescued her from the mirror universe, after being in suspended animation for over 200 years, it hasn't been easy with her on the Enterprise.


T'Pol enters my Ready Room.

"You wish to see me, Picard?" she asks.

"Yes, T'Pol." I reply, "And you need to address me as 'Sir', 'Captain' or 'Captain Picard.'"

"Very well, Captain Picard, sir." she says with a hint of sarcasm.

"Now I've called you in here, because there have been complaints about your insubordination from various members of the staff."

"Tell me who they are and I will deal with them!" T'Pol replies indignantly, "I won't allow anyone to register complaints against me."

"Yes you will!" I tell her sharply, "This is a Starfleet vessel and you will go by the rules on it!"

"Very well, Captain." T'Pol agrees sullenly.

"Now then." I go one, "Most notably, when you were in the brig with Ensign Britney, you addressed Counselor Deanna Troi as 'Riker's Woman'. This upset her greatly."

"Why?" asks T'Pol, "That's who she is, isn't she?"

"While it is true she and Commander Riker and Counselor Troi have a err... relationship, that does not make her his Woman. Do you understand?"

T'Pol looks puzzled.

"This is very unlike how things are in the Terran Empire." she comments.

"Yes." I say, "You have to appreciate things are different in this universe and the Federation."

"Does that mean that Counselor Troi won't get promoted to Captain's Woman when you tire of Doctor Crusher?" she asks.

"NO!" I tell her.

"So there is no chance of me replacing Counselor Troi and becoming the Commander's Woman when he tires of her?"

"NO!" I repeat.

"Because believe me, no one would tire of me!"

I fall back in my chair, feeling a headache coming on.

"Listen, T'Pol." I stress, "Relationships in this universe are built on liking each other. They stay together for a long time."

"I think I am beginning to see, Captain." says T'Pol, "You mean love, trust, respect?"

"Exactly, T'Pol."

"I think it it would be hard for me to adopt that." she says, "I would rather be someome's Woman. Do you think if you suggested it to Starfleet, they might adopt this system? After all it worked for the Terran Empire."

"I don't think they would, T'Pol." I tell her, my headache getting worse.

"Very well, Captain." T'Pol concedes, then after some thought, "But you will tell me if it is ever changed?"

"You'll be the first to know, T'Pol." I tell her, before she leaves, and I reach for some stress pills.


Jaime H. said...

Have a cup of tea with your pills, Captain. And some chocolate (which reminds me, I have some in the fridge...).

The Curmudgeon said...

So, Captain, what did you accomplish at this hearing... other than get stressed out? Do you think Alt. T'Pol will now reform?

Gopher said...

Welcome back Jean Luc, I see you had a good holiday, maybe I should read here more often as Im sure I could have recommended a few places to see in the places you went to.
I say it sounds like T'Pol needs what we'd call a swift kick up the rear.

RennyBA said...

What an exciting story - glad T'Pol was saved:-)

Ellee said...

I think you handled that very well Captain, but not sure it is a good idea to take stress pills just yet! Things could get worse.

Titania Starlight said...

I'm glad you gave her the lecture and scolding she has coming. Looks like you better get ready for another fight with this one.

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Oye! T'pol is quite a handful. You might need some brandy with that stress pill :)

Lansy said...

Indeed it is getting worst, Captain. Q is popping up and handly picking you, T'pol and Deane to a hot island to test you and Deane with T'pol playing around. :D

Ellee said...

Captain, I don't want you to worry about this too much over the weekend, try and chill out and relax.

Sue said...

Here from Michele's today. Forgot how much I liked your blog -- promise to come back :)

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Tpol really is from a different universe, isn't she? Stresss Pills...hmmmm. And what, pray tell are they?

Always good to visit you Captain! Today Michele sent me and tomorrow, I may be 'Your Woman'...!

Diane J. said...

Hi, Jean-Luc, and thanks for the visit. I've seen you around the blog universe occasionally but have never made the journey over to visit. I'm a Star Trek fan and I enjoyed my time here.

Feel free to engage your engines and beam back down to visit anytime. :o)



kenju said...

You'd better put her back in suspended animation for 200 more years!

Michele sent me.

squirrel said...

I rather like being called my husbands woman but then i'm a freak like that! LOL

Linda said...

Sounds like that accomplished absolutely nothing other than giving you a headache!

Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

stress pills = chocolate, right?

smiles, bee

Lahdeedah said...

Well I mean, she does sorta have a point. In a Terran Empire way...

Adventures In Waitressing said...

sounds like you need to send her back in time... her views are backwards. Definatly a fun read though. Looks like you are going to have your work cut out for you. Good Luck Captian.

Carmi said...

Maybe you should be the counsellor as well, Captain, as you explain matters of culture so very thoroughly for the uninitiated.

Popped by from Michele's at this silly - well, for me, anyway - hour. I'm so glad to read you again!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

T'Pol is a handful and no mistake!

Stress pills are supposed to relieve tension in the 24th Century. I seem to get more of it though!

Welcome to those new visitors!

dragonflyfilly said...

sounds like my daughter since she has been attending Landmark Education Forums....!!!!!

Anonymous said...

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