Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Undercover (Part Two)

The cloaked figure comes out of the shadows to greet Jean-Luc and myself, who are working undercover as members of the Evil Force.

He looks like the Grim Reaper.

Well he is scaring me after all; I'm not cut out for this sort of thing, nor is Jean-Luc. I like to give people hyposprays and he prefers to sit back in his Captain's chair and say "Make it so" every few minutes.

"Greetings, Jola and Valerine" he says, "And welcome to Earth"

He removes his hood to show a large hairy man with a scar down the right side of his face. I wish he'd put his hood back on; he looks even scarier than before.

"My name is Santos, and I am the Number Two operative within the Evil Force." he tells us, "We are honoured to have the foremost criminals of Riva as part of our set-up here"

He then goes into a mad laugh, as if he is a scientist about to build a monster. Jean-Luc tries to do an evil laugh as well, but is not very good at it. I nudge him in the ribs.

"What evil will we be unleashing on the poor, unsuspecting Earthlings?" asks Jean-Luc.

"You'll find out when we meet operative Number One of the Evil Force" Santos says with a cackle. "Starfleet won't know what's hit em!"

Jean-Luc and I exchange glances.

"Jola and I would like some time to ourselves" I tell him, "It's been a long journey from Riva"

"Oh yeah" he says, with a sly wink, "I know what you mean. I'm not surprised he wants some time with you! Hur! Hur!"

He has a dirty laugh, and lets us stay in our room for a little while before operative Number One meets us.

"Beverly" whispers Jean-Luc, "This is no time to start getting amourous!"

"Jean-Luc!" I tell him, "We need to discuss what we are going to do with the information we've discovered. Starfleet will be attacked in some way!"

"That's true" he says to me, "We need to find out who the Head of the Evil Force is and get all the information to Starfleet"

"Yes," I say, "Even if it means we lose our lives in doing it"

Jean-Luc turns pale.

"That won't be necessary, I hope" he tells me.

We get a knock on the door. Santos peers his head round.

"Come on, you lovebirds! The head of the Evil Force is keen to meet you." he cackles.

We are led to the main chamber where a lot of cloaked figures are huddled together. One is sitting on a large chair. He sees us and suddenly stands up.

"Greetings Captin Picard and Doctor Crusher" says the cloaked figure. I am the Head of the Evil Force."

He throws back his hood.

It is Admiral Jensen, Head of Special Operations for Starfleet. The man who sent us on this mission.

"Yes" he says with a voice that has suddenly turned evil, as they always tend to, "I have been working for Starfleet, but have really been undercover for the Evil Force"

Everybody in the room then practices their Evil Laugh on us.

Things, I feel, have gone from bad to worse.


Ciera said...

the plot thickens.....

Private Hudson said...

Oh man, game over for you, pal!

craziequeen said...

or, as we say in our house 'the thot plickens'!!

This is SO exciting.... :-)

So, when is Data swooping in to rescue you?? [looks hopeful]


Professor Xavier said...

That is an interesting turn. What can the Admiral hope to gain by letting you know of his double life. I think this calls for an Insurrection.

Lt. Cmdr Oneida said...

Uh-oh. I hope the skulls you have in your pockets are actually communication devices, or maybe weapons, or something you could throw at his face and put out an eye.

Good luck. And if you do off the head of Special Ops, that's one more job you could put Riker's resume in for

Star_Kindler said...

My suggestion: Claim that you two aren't Picard or Beverly, but clones like the Riker one, and just as evil.

And just to be safe, get rid of those skulls as soon as possible. If those things are homing devices, then you're doomed.

Rowan said...

Bwaaa haaa haaa haaa haaaa.

(That was supposed to be menacing.)

Trinity13 said...

Oh, not good!!! Wesley to the rescue!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

There seem a lot of good suggestions above, especially yours, Star Kindler.

Janara, I'll remember that job application.

Rowan, that was very scary.

Trinity, I'm NOT having Wes come in and rescue me. I'll turn him over to the Evil Force.

Nic said...

Oh Stars! If the skulls make noises or have flashing lights of some kind you could always pretend that they are specially designed incendiary devices that will trigger spontaneous combustion within everyone in the building yet not harm anyone outside of the building. They just might believe that you are willing to give your own life in the line of duty in order to save Starfleet and the universe.

Just a thought. Good luck my friend.

The Grim Reaper said...

he isnt the reaper I am.... being part of an force of lets say not such good guys may i suggest you escape there is only one reason he let you know who he was...

You are going to die

Miss Cellania said...

I thought for sure we were gonna get some sex in this story finally. But NOOO...

DagniroVanaliel said...


Ooh, I think Wes should rescue you... or at least try to. You could turn him over to the Evil Force; I think he'd do them more damage than good. Get rid of Wesley once and for all...

Or not. Either way... I'm looking forward to seeing how this all turns out!


Lori said...

Hmmmm the question is....Who is all the cloaked figures??....Could it be somebody to help them out???.....Ohhhh I hope so!!!!

Have a great day!!!

Viamarie said...

God Bless your day! Thanks for dropping by.

Anonymous said...

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