Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Deanna Troi Brainwashed (Part Two)

Editor's Note:

Escaped criminal Katherine  Pulaski, the former doctor on the Enterprise, has beamed on board a shuttle that Deanna Troi was using to come back from a conference. Using a brainwashing device, Kate now has the Counselor working for her, so that she will create havoc when she returns to the ship......


Guest Poster: Deanna Troi.

At last I feel like everything is so clear!

All these years, I've been a  Counselor on board the Enterprise. When nI think about it, I could have been so much more.The Federation always held me back, saying I was doing a great job on their flagship. Weasel words! Yes, they gave me the Commander role eventually after I'd been trying for ages. I tell you something, that Will Riker will be out on his ear when I get back. Whatever did I see in him?

I go round and sort out my luggage, taking off this awful uniform. I'm never wearing THAT again! Instead, I change into a tight, low-cut t-shirt and shorts. This is more like it!

Two hours later, I approach the Enterprise and walk on board. Riker is there to greet me.

"Whew!" he says, looking at my clothes, "That's a steamy outfit, Deanna. It's hardly an official uniform, though I wish it was when you wear it. Don't let the Cap catch you like that."

We kiss. Yuk! It's like being in a forest of bristles when kissing him. I lie and tell Riker that I forgot to change in the shuttle.

"You can wear it when we're alone in our quarters." Riker tells mer. There's no chance THAT'S gonna happen, matey!

I change into a slightly less shocking outfit and go nto the meeting in the Ready Room. I give Picard the spiel about how everything went at the Counselor Confewrence, but omit to mention that my mind was opened on the way back.

"Finally." Picard saysa to Beverly Crusher and myself, "I need one of you two Commanders to operate the night shift on nthe Bridge tonight. Whoi wants to do it.?"

Beverly is about to volunteer, but I jump in first and Picard nominates me.

"Very well, Deanna." he says, "I hope you have a smooth and incident free evening."

That's not gonna happen!


A few hours later, I am in the Captain's chair in the middle of the night in my role as Commander, with a handful of sleepy staff around me. I issue a command.

"Ensign." I order, "Change course to bearing 151.2"

The puzzled minion looks around.

"Commander Troi." he tells me, "That will take the Enterprise directly into the local sun!"

"Nevertheless, do it." I say firmly. He does, then I order the Bridge to be cleared so that I am the only one there.

Quickly, I delete all the other Command voices, put a force field around the Bridge and lock the course so that nothing can be done oputside the Bridge.

It sure is gonna get warm for this crew. Perhaps I should have bought along my sun block and my bikini?

To be continued after TWQ.....


Jack said...

Troi is going to fly the Enterprise into a star? That's pretty thorough brainwashing. I thought Dr. Pulaski might be looking to Conquer The Galaxy and saw the ship as the first part of the master plan... but this... this seems such a waste....

I mean, Wesley Crusher isn't even on board....

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Fly Girl said...

Steamy indedd!