Monday, February 28, 2011

Deanna Troi Brainwashed (Part Four)

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Editor's Note:

Deanna Troi has been brainwashed by the former doctor of the Enterprise, Katherine Pulaski. Deanna has sealed the Bridge shut with a forcefield and locked the course directly into a nearby sun. She will only back down if Captain Picard agrees to deposit the Entire crew on to an M-Class asteroid so that Deanna and Katheriune can take over the Enterprise and sell it for scrap. The Captain has refused, and has considered a solution....


Guest Poster: Mirror T'Pol

"What?" I exclaim, "I'm no good at that Vulcan mind-meld mumbo jumbo. Remember, I'm from the 22nd century mirror universe. The Vulcans there were hardly the sort of logical types around now. Their answer to logic was to shoot and kill anyone who disagreed. It was the logical option."

"Nevertheless, T'Pol." Picard tells me, "You are the only Vulcan here, so it will have to be you."

"And how do I do that?" I protest.

Here, the Captain seems slightly stuck for an answer. He turns to Data and asks him if he can get me in.

"There might be a slight chance." Data answered, "If we can cut the force field power supply it will go off for a fraction of a second before the back-up comes on, which is on the Bridge. If T'Pol is in the transporter buffer ready to beam in, we might get her in at that time."

It all sounds risky to me, but Geordi and Data assures me that if I can't get in, they will just get me out of the buffer.

I get in position, and I feel my atoms being taken apart. That is all so disconcerting!

Suddenly I am aware that I am on the Bridge. Data's theory had worked. I see Deanna casually sitting in the Captain's chair in front of me. I rush forward to get her, but she hears my steps and turns round.

"Hah!" sneers Deanna, "If Picard could only get one person through the force field, I would have thought he would have picked someone better than you!"

She picks me up and throws me accross the Bridge. Ouch! That's another bruise I'll have to look after when I have a bath tonight!

Deanna leans over mer, about to give my the flying tour of the Bridge again when my hand shoots out and touches her forehead.

"My mind to your mind" I call out sharply, and use all my mental concentration. I'm dealing with an empath whose mind has been put through the wringer.

"AAAGGGHHH!" shouts Deanna as I connect. The result hits me like a phaser blast. Having never done this before, my head feels like it's in a fog and being thumped against a brick wall every second.

I pin the Betazoid down on the floor, sitting on top of her, with my hand remaining on her forehead. She is struggling to free herself.

"My mind to your mind." I repeat, and swirls of confusion within gradually lessen until I see images of Katherine Pulaski in the shuttle, then other images of Deanna with Will Riker which perhaps it is best not to describe. Eventually everything is clear.

"T'Pol!" Deanna exclaims, "What have I done? Let me lose. I'll fix it."

I release her, and the Betazoid rushes to the controls and unlocks the forcefields, then changes the course she set. The Enterprise turns around from it's path into the sun.

"Well done, T'Pol." says the Captain when he and the rest of the senior staff walk in.

"I'm sorry for putting the crew in danger." Deanna wails, as she savours a chocolate sundae brought in by Will Riker.

"It wasn't your fault, Counselor." Picard tells her, "We do have a very clever enemy in Katherine Pulaski. Who knows what she weill try in the future?"


Gordon said...

Now surely she'll be hanging around some place, maybe you should dump some wreckage so it looks like the enterprise cooked or something, then figure out what Pulaski was after, then go hunter her down and hmm Let T'Pol deal with her 22nd Century style..

The Curmudgeon said...

Wow. Good thing Vulcans don't need training or anything to mind meld or this could have ended up badly. It might still end up badly, if T'Pol decides to embarrass Riker or Troi with some of the juicy details she observed....

Cody said...

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Anonymous said...

I thank you kindly for making these blogs, but could you please try to SPELL them right?!

Anonymous said...

I love vulcans and most times I want to BE one! SPOCK I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!