Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Borg Queen's Visit (Part Two)

The Borg Queen is visiting the Enterprise. However, rather than chasing after me, as she usually does, she has told Bev and I that there is evidence that Seven of Nine may be linked with Unimatrix Zero, the area that drones go to when they have thev recessive gene and are regenerating.


Bev and I are both stunned at this news.

"Surely there must be some mistake, Queenie?" Bev tells her, "Seven is a dedicated Borg. There is no way she would be part of Unimatrix Zero. She reads every copy of Borg News thouroughly"

"Not deliberately, Beverly." the Queen answers, "But her unconcious human self would be free to enter the realm when regenerating if she has the gene. The Borg cannot allow it to spread. If she has it, Seven will have to be destroyed."

"You can't do that!" I exclaim, "She is a member of my crew. I can't have you killing them off."

"May I remind you, Jean-Luc" says the Queen, "That I placed Seven on this ship to observe you all as part of our truce agreement? I can just as easily remove her and have her terminated."

I sigh, as reluctantly, I concede that she is right.

"Well, what is the evidence?" Bev asks, "Perhaps we can see if there is some way it is incorrect?"

"Cerrtainly, Bev." Queenie tells her, I have here a document from the Borg medical library. We are gradually going through all the billions of Borg drones in the galaxy. When it came to Seven, we looked through, and saw that her internal body make-up contains the recessive gene."

"I that case, we need to do another medical on Seven." I say, "The evidence could have been planted by someone out to cause trouble, like the Troi Borg Queen."

"I had considered that." the Queen replies, "Beverly, will you do the medical for me?"

"Err...very well, though I won't be happy if Seven has to..." Bev trails off.

"It's either that or I get the Borg drones to carry it out." Queenie answers, "Believe me, that will be A LOT more unpleasant. Now excuse me, I shall regenerate in Seven's guest alcove."

The Queen strides out. Bev and I look at each other.

"What are we gonna do, Jean-Luc?" Bev asks desperately, "We can't let Seven be killed. I know she's a humourless drone, but she is one of the crew."

"We've got to find out the truth about the gene, Bev." I tell her, "We know the computer pitch that matches the gene. If I get in the other alcove while the Queen and Seven are both regenerating, and get connected up to the computer, it should take me to Unimatrix Zero. I need to talk to Annika Hansen, who is Seven before she got assimilated, if she is there."

"What good will that do, Jean-Luc?" Bev asks.

"We'll know the truth." I answer, "In the meantime, I want you to do something that will satisfy the Queen."

I tell her what it is, then get hooked up to the alcove.

"Here we go." I tell her, "Next stop, Unimatrix Zero!"

To be continued after the TWQ....


The Curmudgeon said...

Boldly going where so many have gone involuntarily before....

Linda said...

I hope that Seven appreciates all of the trouble that you are no doubt going to get into for her!

Gordon said...

Yeah Captain all we need now is for Q to appear and your week is complete. Oh wait I shouldn't have said that. Hmm gives me an idea sort of I wonder since you can get into Unimatrix zero. I wonder if you could let Queenie in too not the real one just a similar one, where there are some faked up ones, some of her most loyal drones maybe, show her the wonders of the place and try and show her it's actually good for a drone..

SF Girl said...

Jean-Luc, you've been tagged with a yet another Starfleet challenge:

I'd be honored.
Your alien friend,
SF Girl

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Gordon, youn havev a real imagination!