Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Borg Queen's Visit (Part Four)

I'm waking up in the alcove after a trip to Unimatrix Zero, the computer geberated world that Borg drones can visit as their former selves if they have the recessive gene. I was able to get there as the Enterprise computer tuned itself to the frequency required.

I met Annika Hansen, the human side of Seven of Nine. The Borg Queen suspected she might be here due to evidence that she found. The Queen will destroy Seven if she findfs out...


I groggily step out of the alcove, as if I have had one too many ales last night.

"Well?" says Bev eagerly, as she gives me a sedative to get over the dizziness, "Is she there?"

"Yes." I say graverly, "I met Annika Hansen and she burged me to help her. Can you believe she's the joint mayor of Unimatrix Zero? Did you do what I asked?"

"I gave both Seven and Queenie a deep sedative while they were regenerating." Beverly answers, "I also took that extract from the Queen.2

"Good." I say, "Hopefully we can lie ourselves convincingly enough to save Saven."

A few moments later, the Borg Queen steps out of her alcove. She notices the time.,

"I have been regenerating a long time!" she exclaims, "I must have needed it. The responsibility of running a Borg Cube can take it's toll."

She then looks squarly at me.

"Ah, Jean-Luc." the Queen chimes softly, "Have you visited Unimatrix Zero and found Seven's human counterpart there?"

"I did visit it." I tell her with a poker face, "But the residents said there was not, nor has there ever been anyone named Annika Hansen."

"Indeed?" Queenie answers, with a slightly menacing voice, "Now you wouldn't be trying to give me false information would you? I know we were lovers when you were assimilated, Jean-Luc, but I wouldn't be happy if I found out you were lying..."

I start to get very nervous inside, but Bev steps forward just before I am asbout to crumble.

"I have the evidence here, Queenie." Beverly tells her, "I took this sample from Seven's bloodstream as she was regenerating. As you see under the microcomputer, it shows the nanoprobes that make her a Borg, but a complete absence of the recessive gene."

"Very good." the Queen smiles, "It looks like the evidence was falsified. Agents of the Troi Borg Queen trying to cause trouble, no doubt. Well, I'm sorry for the intrusion, Bev and Jean-Luc. I have a Borg cube to look after."

We escort the Borg Queen to the departure point.

"Hope to see you soon, Jean-Luc." she whispers to me, and blows a kiss, as soon as she notices Beverly isn't looking or listening.

After she has gone, Bev and I heave a sigh of relief.

"I don't know how we got away with that!" I exclaim, "I thought at one moment that the Queen would spot something was going on."

"Relax, Jean-Luc" Beverly tells me, "Little does she realise that the blood sample actually came from the Queen's arm, and not from Seven."


Gordon said...

Close call Captain. Good save though Doc:)

Linda said...

Bev saves the day again! I seriously think you need to promote her!

Ellee Seymour said...

I'm sure she will get found out.

Fly Girl said...

ooh all those ales almost did you in with this one.

Jan said...

I love reading these transmissions Caption Picard, especially after a pint and a half of Klingon Ale! (Okay, maybe it's a little more than a pint and a half but who's counting...)

Michael Manning said...

There is wisdom here in assuming the poker face! :)