Thursday, December 21, 2006

Infiltrating Section 31 (Part Three)

Guest Poster: Will Riker

Trying to infiltrate Section 31, the subversive secret group that operates within Starfleet has not been easy for Deanna and myself. We've been picked up in the dark alleyway by Sloan and his creepy assistant X2. With us are two people who want to be operatives. A Ferengi named Qwerty and a Cardassian named Gul Buket.


We are all in a briefing room right now; Sloan enters and smiles at us.

"What about all those things we've been promised, Mr Sloan?" demands Qwerty, "The pension plan, medical aid, video surveillance camera, listening device...."

"....As well as disrupter phasers and gilded knife." continues Gul Buket.

"Where is the cloaked mothership?" asks Deanna, making sure she is counted.

"...and the black hat and cloak?" I add on rather limply at the end.

"All in good time, my friends" answers Sloan, "We need to put you through a few little tests first."

Deanna and I look at each other alarmingly, then put our blank faces on.

He leaves the room and it is suddenly bathed in an array of lights, like the local disco. The only difference is I can't hear a DJ saying, "Here is the latest groovy sound from...."

We all wake up a little later; Sloan and X2 are looking at us two. Qwerty and Buket are missing.

"This has been most interesting." declares Sloan.

"What do you mean?" I ask him, "Where are Qwerty and Gul Buket?"

"Oh, they've gone up to the cloaked mothership." he answers, "They will be coached in how to be top Section 31 agents. It's a privilege we can't allow two infiltrators to enjoy."

"How did you know we were infiltrators?" asks Deanna.

I'll have to coach Deanna into not giving those answers in the future...if we have a future.

"Thank you for confirming that, Miss Troi." Sloan tells her, "We were actually able to find out through the Truth Lights we installed. It has a lot of useful features."

As he and X2 are in mid-gloat, Starfleet Security officers beam in with Worf and apprehend the two of them.

"What happened?" I ask Deanna.

"Before we left the Enterprise," she replies, "Worf suggested that I wear this tracker watch and activate if things get difficult."

"Well we've managed to get two top names of Section 31." I declare triumphantly, "Let's take them up to the Enterprise."

"Where are they, Will?" asks Deanna.

"They just vanished into thin air." a Security officer says dispairingly.

"They must wear the same tracker watches as the one I gave you, Counselor" Worf growls angrily, "The shop I got it from must be a Section 31 front."

"What was it called, Worf?" I ask.

" was called 'The Spy Shop', sir."


We all get ready to beam to the Enterprise; none of us are very happy.

"Section 31 is a big organisation." says Deanna.

"I agree; and that Sloan is a slippery character." I reply, "Let's get back and enjoy the next few days, though."

"He shall not get away again." declares Worf, with a mood that someone has given him the wrong Christmas present.


The Black Plague said...

hmmm I get the feeling that most xmas presents would be wrong for Worf

UngaMan said...

Worf buying at the Spy Shop?

think he's developing a bad habbit with shoppings... starting with that Tokra's Toyshop...


Ellee said...

Captain, I would like to wish a wonderful Christmas, I am taking a short blogging break to prepare for the festivities and work on my studies. I'll be back soon, I shall miss everyone too much to stay away for long.

Anonymous said...

Hide in plain sight, that's the way to do it. Open a Spy Shop at the mall -- wonderful.

Can we have one in Chicago?

Happy Christmas Jean Luc!

squirrel said...

There use to be a Spy shop in Oklahoma City, might still be. It doesn't surprise me that there is a chain of them well into your century, Captain!

Summer Dawn O'Ciardha said...

He sounds like a ghost to me, the best way to deal with a ghost is to trap it in salt and banish it away.

If he isn't a ghost, then a bullet to the head always works, right?

Jon the Intergalactic Gladiator said...

According to Summer, you can catch anything with salt: demons, ghosts, little birds...

Anonymous said...

Hi hon - not been over for a while, but I just wanted to drop in to say have you been to Minerva's blog recently? Perhaps you know the latest, but she's had some pretty bad news about the cancer. I'm just going round a few places of her friends and asking that they might go over to her blog and just shower her with love. She needs it.


Jean-Luc Picard said...

Curmudgeon, there might be a lot of spy shops in Chicago, but are just hard to find!

Summer, your solutions are very practical.

Ellee, have a great Christmas.

Jo, thanks for that info. Minerva hasn't posted for some time, and I was wondering how she was.

craziequeen said...

cor, sounds like Worf means businss...

Michele sent me today

iamnasra said...

Wishing u meryy X-mas

Lahdeedah said...

Merry Christmas!

Gyrobo said...

Suddenly that sandwich I bought from the Spy Shop smells suspect.

Sim said...

There's a Spy Shop in London that I walked into last summer - I thought their eyes looked a little bit too close together....

Merry Christmas Captain. Hope that you and your crew have a fantastic one


Star said...

happy Holidays Jean- Luc. To you, and the crew. Mihele sent me.

Anonymous said...

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