Saturday, December 23, 2006

TWQ: Christmas Presents

This four-day TWQ will end on the evening of Tuesday 26th December, as we all enjoy the Christmas time...including those on the Enterprise...

You have to buy a present for some character on my Journal. Who will it be, and for what reason? If you wish, come back and give a different present for another person. Don't forget, this includes, Seven, Jadzia, Karena, the Borg Queen, Q etc. Use your imagination and your sense of humour!

My answer is:

Naturally, Beverly is my first choice, and as a dancer, she can have a new pair of dancing shoes.

Now it's over to you...

But before I go.....

Here's a verse that I found, and was also sent by Secret Squirrel

'Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the ship
Not a circuit was buzzing, not one microchip;
The phasers were hung in the arm'ry securely,
In hope that no aliens would get up early.

The crewmen were nestled all snug in their bunks
(Except for the few who were partying drunks);
And Picard in his nightshirt and Bev in her lace,
Had just settled down for a neat face-to-face.

When out in the halls there arose such a racket,
That we leapt from our beds, pulling on pants and jacket.
Away to the lifts we all shot like a gun,
Leapt into the cars and yelled loudly, "Deck One!"

The bridge Red-Alert lights, which flashed through the din,
Gave a luster of Hades to objects within.
When, what, on the viewscreen, should our eyes behold,
But a weird kind of sleigh, and some geek who looked old.

But the glint in his eyes was so strange and askew,
That we knew in a moment it had to be Q.
His sleigh grew larger as closer he came.
Then he zapped on the bridge and addressed us by name;

"It's Riker! It's Data! It's Worf and Jean-Luc!
It's Geordi! And Wesley, the genetic fluke!
To the top of the bridge, to the top of the hall!
Now float away, float away, float away all!"

As leaves in autumn are whisked off the street,
So the floor of the bridge came away from our feet,
And up the ceiling our bodies they flew,
As the captain called out, "What the hell is this Q?!"

The prankster just laughed and expanded his grin,
And, snapping his fingers, he vanished again.
As we took in our plight and were looking around,
The spell was removed, and we crashed to the ground.

The Q, dressed in fur from his head to his toe,
Appeared once again to continue the show.
"That's enough!" cried the captain, "You'll stop this at once!"
And Riker said, "Worf! Take your aim at this dunce!"

"I'm deeply offended, Jean-Luc," replied Q.
"I just wanted to spend Christmas with you."
As we scoffed at his words, he produced a large sack.
He dumped out the contents, and took a step back.

"I've brought gifts," he said, "just to show I'm sincere.
There's something delightful for everyone here."
He sat on the floor and dug into the pile,
And handed out gifts with his most charming smile.

"For Counselor Troi, there's no need to explain,
Here's Tylenol-Beta for all of your pain.
For Worf I've got mints as his breath's not too great,
And for Geordi LaForge, an inflatable date.

For Wesley, some hormones, and Clearasil-Plus:
For Data, a joke book; for Riker, a truss.
For Beverly Crusher, there's sleek lingerie,
And for Jean-Luc, the thrill of seeing her that way."

Then he sprang to his feet with that grin on his face,
And, clapping his hands, disappeared into space.
But we heard him exclaim as he dwindled from sight,
"Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good flight!"

Now a late extra...... Christopher has sneaked this A-Z Meme on....

A - Available/Single? Single
B - Best Friend? My friend Kay in Birmingham
C- Cake or Pie? Meat pie is good.
D - Drink Of Choice? I like Pursey. A sporty fruit drink
E– Essential Item You Use Everyday? My computer
F - Favourite Colour? Dark Red
G - Gummy Bears Or Worms? I don't understand this one; the Universal Translator isn't working.
H - Hometown? West Bromwich, England.
I - Indulgence? Mature cheese.
J - January Or February? birthday month!
K - Kids & Their Names? None here!
L - Life Is Incomplete Without? Freedom. (I second that!)
M - Marriage date? As I'm single, there is an obvious answer to that!
N - Number Of Siblings? None
O - Oranges Or Apples? Apples. Neither.
P - Phobias/Fears? Only the unknown.
Q - Favourite Quote? “The land of lost content' from Shropshire Lad by A E Houseman
R - Reason to Smile? Being alive.
S - Season? Spring or Fall? Spring
T - Tag 3 or 4 people? Hmmm… You're not getting me there!
U - Unknown Fact About Me? I cannot drive at all.
V - Vegetable you don’t like? Most of them!
W - Worst Habit? Worrying.
X - X-rays You’ve Had? Teeth, shoulder.
Y - Your Favourite Food? Lasagna
Z – Zodiac sign – Capricorn (January 14th).


Please visit Minerva . She really needs your support and prayers.


I wish everybody reading this message a very Happy Christmas.


kenju said...

Since I am not that familiar with your characters, I will leave a gift for you, Jean-Luc. How about a new command chair? One covered in luxurious fabric (stain-resistant) and containing massaging vibrators and a warmer for your nether regions!

Merry Christmas, Jean-Luc. Michele sent me.

Anonymous said...

not a gift.. Just a peek into your world.
I have seen you at Inger's place.. and it was nice to see you at mine. Hope you stop by again sometime.

You have a very interesting blog! :)

tis the season, It seems.. to wish all a lot of merriment and joy.. and I do with this for you and your crew :)

After all.. thats the point of all of this.. right?


Anonymous said...

I'd give Data a gift certificate to one of those Chinese massage parlors and a copy of the Bladerunner DVD.

here via Michele today.


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

My gift is for you, Jean-Luc, because I am unfamiliar with all the other characters...I know, I know...hard to believe, but true!
So, I give you a brand new Command Shirt for the summner is more of a talk top actually! It shows off your very handsome physique!

A Very Merry Christmas my dear!

Michele sent me this morning....Going back to bed now, it's only 5:45am here in Los Angeles...!

Last Girl On Earth said...

For this holiday, I give Picard a toupee so that he can change his look up occasionally! And to YOU and yours I wish you a very Merry Xmas! Michele sent me today. What a gal!

Tara said...

Happy Christmas!

I would buy JLP a book of Whitman's work. He liked to read that old stuff.

And I'd buy Data a joke book. :-)

Anonymous said...

And Geordi would get a subscription to Swank magazine...

Erifia Apoc said...

Of course, Good Captain, my present to you would be teaching you how to do a Jedi-Mind trick. I think it would be handy, you talking to someone over the Viewing Screen, and waving your hand in front of it saying, "You don't want to attack our ship, you want to turn the other." And the poor sap doing what you told him.

Merry Christmas.

srp said...

Didn't Data have a cat called "Spot"? If so then I would give Spot a cute catnip toy, although Data might take it apart to analyze. Or perhaps another cat companion.... what to name... yes, "Remover".

Have a great Christmas! Michele sent me.

Cat said...

K, gonna leave you JLP a new phaser that does it all, neon lights, even has mp3 player for your tunes.

Have a Merry Christmas!!

Cat said...

Ohh and wanted to give Data some self tanning lotion, and Geordi some new shades.

utenzi said...

Close call between Ciera and Ribbiticus, Captain. I think I'll go with Ribbiticus and I'd give her a bigger pond for her and her parents to live in. Space is nice to have--you certainly know that.

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Soper Christmas presents! Thanks also for the good wishes.

Minerva said...

Have a lovely Christmas Jean-luc...

My present is amazing underwear for Beverly because I think a gift should be shared, don't you?



Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to you and family!!!

May God bless you all, love you all, keep you all, too. At Christmastime and all year through.

Claire said...

Just stopped by to wish you a very happy christmas!

panthergirl said...

Hahahaha... I don't think "meat pie" counts!!!

Nikki-ann said...

A gift for all... I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and all the best for the new year!

Here from Michele's :)

Ellee said...

I think Captain Picard deserves a special present for being so entertaining, Merry Christmas again Captain.

craziequeen said...

Happy Christmas, dear Jean-Luc. Thank you for your friendship over the last year.

And please pass on my very best wishes to Graham ;-)

Presents - hmm - I would resurrect Lal and return her to Data, her father.


craziequeen said...

oops, Michele sent me...[chuckle]


David said...

Cq has beat me here to wish you the merriest fo Christmases.
for christmas I would get Seven some Seagrams - so he could "mix it up!"

Anonymous said...

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and all the best for the new year!

Here from Michele's.

I also stopped by Minerva's


Bob-kat said...

Merry Christmas Captain.

I think I would give the Borg Queen some people to assimilate, like Bush, Blair and anyone on a reality TV show!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas, Captain. I give you an original copy of Benjamin Franklin's Autobiography! :-) Hope you don't already have one!

The Mistress of the Dark said...

Merry Christmas :)

Local Henchmen 432 said...

Merry Christmas Captain,

I would give Worf a copy of Tai bo.

Squirrel said...

Merry Christmas!!! I would give Deanna a Silvia Browne book.

SQT said...

Merry Christmas Captian. I would buy you the most beautiful copy of Moby Dick I could find.


Like Kenju, I'm not very much familiar with some of your characters. Even if I do, I would firstly present a present to you of course Jean Luc. You seem to be such a great and wonderful person. My gift to you would be nothing material but I know it would elate your spirit upon opening it.
By the way, I have gone over to Minerva's site as you requested, but as I read her post, I hesitated to comment as it brought back the pain I had experienced with my SIL who just died last August after fighting breast cancer for 5 years. I decided not to comment on her post as I just didn't know what to say.
Before I forget, here's my gift to you. Please open it at:
Let me know if you opened it and if you liked it.
Thanks for stopping by.

craziequeen said...

Merry Christmas, Jean-Luc :-)

I would give you command of the Enterprise for as long as you wish it......ensuring Riker stays in the XO chair!

Michele sent me to say Hello :-)

TNChick said...

Merry Christmas from Tennessee!

beckyboop said...


Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Becky :)

Professor Xavier said...

In addition to the DVD set I gave you, I would also give Worf a puppy dog, because that man needs to learn to smile.

kenju said...

Michele sent me back, Jean-Luc, to see if you are enjoying your massage chair. The bottom-warmers ought to come in handy in space....LOL

Tell the commenter who didn't know what to say to Minerva that "I'm thinking of you" would be sufficient under those circumstances. One doesn't have to be a great writer to leave a note.

dragonflyfilly said...

a belated entry: i would give the Borg Queen a new Limbic System; one that would allow her to have a more authentic emotional frame of reference, and one that would allow her to experience compassion.

Darth Nepharia said...

Thanks for the Christmas wishes, Jean-Luc! I certainly hope yours was happy as well!

Anonymous said...

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