Saturday, March 12, 2011

TWQ: Confusing Gadgets

This week, TWQ (the Weekend Question) asks whether you've mastered any of today's confusing gadgets.

Do you use any of today's modern gadgets to their full use, or do you just use their basic needs to get through? List as many gadgets as you wish?

My answers are:

Simply put, I find ALL gadgets confusing, and use them all just a little, notably:

* The digital TV & digital DVR

* The digital camera (that instruction book is so complex)

* The Windows 7 computer (I have a 1000 page book, but is too complex to view further!)

Now it's over to you...


Empress Bee (of the High Sea) said...

any remote control...

any pc (get an apple)

defrost function on the microwave

smiles, bee

Gordon said...

I'm with you on those 3 for sure, but I just use windows 7 like I did before but it does seem a little more restrictive on how it loads things, real pain sometimes causing issues with many programs as they can't write stuff to disc like before.

Susan said...

I have my laptop that looks like my previous laptop did, thanks to son who sets it up.

Same with phone, I make phone calls on it and send text messages. I have no idea if it goes on the net.

Digital camera, I just point and click, if it does anything else I don't know.

I am a woman who has a spinning wheel that was made by hand and who spins yarn by treddling.

I knit socks with knitting needles that have not changed in style for years and years.

I have the most basic wheel that I throw pots on, and has not changed for decades either - though I did draw the line at having a kick wheel, mine is electric.

And the best gadget I have is a pendant watch, it's brilliant.

High tech, what's that?

Michael Manning said...

I would agree.

1.) The settings on my camera

2.) Windows 7

Linda said...

I love my DVR but I'm not sure I've got it mastered nor do I think I have my digital camera mastered to its fullest extent either.

I know for a fact I'm not using Windows 7 like it was designed to be used either but I do think I've got my iPhone down pretty solid!

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... Paige said...

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Happy Up coming weekend

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