Monday, March 21, 2011

Seven In Starfleet (Part Three)

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Guest Poster: Seven Of Nine

For the first time since I was a Borg, I am totally alone.

I am no longer in connection with the Borg Hive Mind. This has been done by the Queen so that I can sit my Entrance Exam into Starfleet as an Ensign. Locutus has said that if I were connected, I would have been able the access the minds of Stasrfleet Officers that we have assimilated in the past.

Eventually, I pull myself together and get used to the idea that it is just my thought in my mind and no one else's. I can no longer her the Borg Rolling News Channel, for example.

On entering the Exam room, Deanna Troi is there to greet me.

"Hello, Seven." she says cheerily, "Are you ready for your big day?"

I nod, and sit down; the Counselor approaches me.

"Now then......sorry Seven, you can't have that!"

She gets a wet towel and rubs off the crib sheet answers that I have written underneath my arm..


"Now, Seven." she tells me, "I'm sure you don't need that. As the exam hadn't started, I won't say anything to Captain Picard. You can pass this exam on your own. You don't need any help."

"Then you come and do it." I answer sarcastically.

Deanna giggles, and places the paper down in front of me, face down.

NAME: It states.

I write 'Seven Of Nine, Tertiary Adjunct of Unimatrix Zero-One', although there is not much room to put this down

Several questions are relatively simple, due to my experience on the Enterprise, and write them down quickly. This is terrible. I am having to think like a human, rather than a Borg. I hope I'm reconnected really soon.

Here is one question.."You are in command of a starship and you come across an enemy ship. What do you do?' I am about to write 'Tell them they will be assimilated as resistance is futile, or if it is a Borg ship, surrender willingly' when I realise that this may not be the answer. Instead, I put a typically Starfleet answer which I find repellant, to do with diplomacy and negototiation.

Another question: "The ship is about to explode. You and your second in command are in the engine room. The only way to survive is for one of you to go in and release it, which will mean certain death. What do you do?" I immediately consider writing "Send the second in command in." but realise this may be a trick question, so I write, "Go in and get killed, but save the ship." As if I would! The very thought!

Two hours from the start, Deanna stops eating her chocolate and calls "Time's up, Seven."


Shortly after, I am back in the Ready Room with Locutus. We are looking at the Borg Queen's image on video. I heave a sigh of relief as I am reconnected to the Hive Mind. What a relief that was. I can now listen to the rolling news, and catch up with all the soap operas.

Deanna comes in with the exam sheet after marking it.

Locutus looks at it and goes pale.

"Well?" demands the Borg Queen, "How did she she do?"

"Incredible." answers Locutus, "She got 100%.....errr....welcome to Starfleet, Ensign Seven."

I notice that he goes and has a stress pill immediately after saying this.


The Curmudgeon said...

Troi should have been paying more attention to Seven's test and less to her chocolate; she might then have realized that Seven was not sincere in several of her answers.

I know Star Fleet hopes you've begun assimilating Seven, Captain, but I think you realize that's not the way it's likely to work out. No wonder you're popping stress pills.

Bilbo said...

Questions having to do with concepts like "certain death" are always the most difficult.

Gordon said...

Indeed a borg in starfleet who would have thought! Wait they said that about Klingon's once.

Stress and IBD said...

7 of nine - my fave...
but this comment is to let you know that i was unable to add you to the Stress and IBD followers, so please post a comment there and i will try again.
P. L. Joy
~~have a great day in the time/space continuium (sp?)

Stress and IBD said...

p.s. that is not me in the photo, it is the Author of "Colitis and Crohn's: products of fear, anger and guilt."

Michael Manning said...

That's quite a hypothetical question to ask a Captain of the USS Enterprise! ;)